Touch of Jesus

Touch of Jesus is the international power-evangelism ministry of Larry and Melanie Bingman.

Over the years, we have witnessed Jesus sweep more than 500,000 souls into His Kingdom in 17 nations across the earth by:

  • Proclaiming the Love, Forgiveness, and Freedom of Jesus.
  • Demonstrating God’s Power with Healings and Miracles.
  • Declaring God’s Word over the Nations.
  • Equipping and Sending Believers Out to Do Jesus’ Works.


Global Nations’ Prayer Service:

  • Join us as we translate around the globe through Holy Spirit Express, proclaiming God’s Word over every region of the earth.
  • Every Sunday morning from 11:30 am – 12:00 noon live in the Church and broadcast on
  • On demand via the Touch of Jesus


“Doing the Works of Jesus” Ministry and Training:

  • We are activating the Body of Christ to go “Do the Works of Jesus” (DWJ).
  • We have equipped and anointed Believers around the world to preach the Gospel, heal the sick and set the captives free.
  • DWJ is translated into English, Spanish, Thai and Chinese and is available upon request.


Touch of Jesus YouTube Channel

• Visit us for One Minute Blessings, Prophetic Messages, Healing Crusades, Teaching/Training, and an archive of all Nations’ Prayer broadcasts:




At A Glance

Ministry Name: Touch of Jesus
Ministry Leaders:  Larry Bingman
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Highlights from a “digital” outreach to Pakistan were Wes Munyon and Larry Bingman ministered to Pakistan from Jubilee Church.

Larry Bingman

Founder, Evangelist, Director

(805) 402-5222

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