Women’s Ministry

Our desire is for our Jubilee women to cultivate an ever-deepening walk with Jesus by hearing His voice and seeing His heart of complete love and acceptance for them.  We build community by creating multiple opportunities and safe, welcoming spaces for women to learn and grow together through gatherings, weekly bible studies, conferences, and various events.

As women grow in intimacy with their Beloved, life explodes within our corporate body and benefits our homes and communities:
– they learn His ever true Word as the lifeblood and foundation of life;
– mutual love and friendships are born which leads to generosity of spirit;
– they pour love and encouragement onto each other;
– they cheer on one another into maturity and strength;
– they build lifetime friendships with Jesus as the center;
– they grow into mature strong women of God;
– they come to know Jesus Christ as the most wonderful best friend ever;
– they have confidence that they are never alone, for Jesus is with us always.
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Gathering Details:

Women’s Bible Study – Various books of the bible and biblical truths are studied, with times of discussions. (More Info)

  • Tuesdays at 10am
  • Thursdays at 6:30pm

Leader: Chris Dickran


Women’s Retreats – Annual Women’s conference & events are held for women to get away from the usual distractions and get saturated in the Lord’s presence.  These events are announced as they are scheduled.

Mother’s Day 2023

Breaking Lies

As God’s much beloved daughters we are called to release His love and His Kingdom on the earth as we co-reign with Him. However, we are often hindered by thoughts and beliefs that seem true. Chris shares the importance of recognizing and dismantling these lies so we can move forward in love, power , and freedom, leading others to do the same. The Kingdom of our God is righteousness , peace, and joy!!!

At A Glance

Ministry Name: Women’s Ministry
Ministry Leader:  Cammy Dittmar
Thursday Evenings at 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm via ZOOM

Cammy Dittmar


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