“Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! It’s time to sing to God a brand-new song so that all his holy people will hear how wonderful he is!” Psalm 145:1 TPT

At A Glance

Ministry Name: Jubilee Company Worship
Ministry Leaders:  Diana Anderson

Contact: dianaanderson@jubileechurch.org

Jubilee Company Worship

Our team’s current directive is two-fold: to create our own worship songs–focusing on “Adoration of Jesus” and “Abiding in Christ”– and to train our congregation to give voice/expression to the worship that is unique to their hearts before the Lord.

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Why We Worship:

Corporate Worship is a love conversation between us, the Church, and our Creator, the Triune God: Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. It is the greatest honor and highest expression of our design: to minister to the One Who has given us life, breath, and His Son, Jesus Christ, as our Eternal Redeemer, our King and High Priest, and our future Bridegroom.


Through different expressions and mediums (vocal and instrumental music, spoken word, dance, shofars, visual and performance arts) together as a congregation, we declare His attributes and our great appreciation and love for Him. In turn, He responds with greater revelation of Himself and true encounters with Him.


As heaven receives our worship, we believe the Lord responds in the form of an outbreak of love revealing Jesus to the world around us that leads to revival of the church, transformation of regions, salvation of the lost, physical and emotional healing, and deliverance from diverse bondage.


Diana Anderson

Worship Pastor

E-mail: dianaanderson@jubileechurch.org

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