At Jubilee, we embrace and celebrate our Abraham, Isaac and Jacob generations. Each group carries a unique testimony of the reality of God in their lives. Torch Bearers is our vibrant Senior’s Ministry, of those who are 55-plus, where participants can experience:


Friendship and Fellowship – This is a time to meet new friends, and enjoy those of common experiences. We are all about building relationships (see Proverbs 17:17). We practice compassion and encouragement in a place where uplifting, honest conversations are held.

Torch Bearers make a difference at church and in the community. We offer opportunities to touch lives and make an impact for Christ, through out reaches and outings.


A vibrant time of prayer, worship, sharing the word and fellowship are enjoyed by our senior community, however, all are welcome to join us at this time.


At A Glance

Ministry Name: Torch Bearers
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