With Him

Meditate on Revelations 17:14

When Jesus overcomes the beast and his armies those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful.

  • What does called mean?
  • What does chosen mean?
  • What doe faithful mean?

Before you look up the meanings or rehearse what you have learned before become quite and listen for the Spirit’s instruction. See these descriptive attributes as the fruit of being with Jesus not the qualifier to be with Him. Why?

What is the difference between earning your place and learning your place?

The Words of Eternal Life

Read John 6

Meditate on John 6:60-71

Jesus’ teaching had become difficult to understand, largely in part because of the augmentative attitude of the disciples in the verses preceding verse 60.

The more we demand our mind to be satisfied, the more Jesus often will continue offending our mind to reveal our hearts.

  • What happens to the disciples? Does Jesus try to prevent their falling back? Why do you think?
  • What does he ask the twelve?
  • What is Peter’s answer?
  • Jesus words are?

Look Now

Read Genesis 14 through 16

Abraham is drawn into a battle to rescue his nephew, after he succeeds in delivering Lot and five cites of captives and goods. Abraham meets Melchizedek. Through this experience of covenant and revelation he gives tithes of all the spoils, decrees His trust in the Lord, does not accept the offer of the king of Sodom. This event launches faith and fear as well, and even deeper issues.

  • Why might Abraham have been afraid?
  • What did the Lord offer Abraham as a reason to not be afraid?
  • The reason probably indicates the fear he was in and why.
  • What was Abraham’s response to the Lord?
  • How did the Lord respond to Abraham’s pointed question?
  • Abraham believed God and then asked Lord God for what?
  • What did the Lord say and do?
  • Why do you think the Lord enlarged His answer and scope of what Abraham was asking for?
  • What did He promise Abraham?
  • Where has the Lord answered you in this way?
  • Why does the Lord wait till we express our need, or frustration, to speak promise?

When we invite the Lord into our tent (our limitations, our stuck spot) He brings us out into His largeness and limitless ability and asks us to look toward heaven.

Take some time to be with the Lord, becoming aware of His presence and promise. Invite the Lord into the place where lack or unbelief, or frustration, or barrenness is.

Follow Him as He brings you out and up….what do you see?

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