Walking in the Spirit

Read and meditate: Galatians 5:16-26

We are told to walk in the Spirit as an antidote to the lusts of the flesh. We are promised if we are led by the Spirit, we come out from under the law. And, we are exhorted to live in the Spirit, and there by walk in the Spirit.

Look up these four words:

  1. Walk (verse 16)
  2. Led (verse 18)
  3. Live
  4. Walk (verse 25)

In short, you will see the first walk is to explore, walk around, see, and be influenced by…just because you can.

The second walk is a picture of orderly formation or marching.

Led has the picture of being carried away or under the influence of.

Inside these verses, we are given permission to enter into the Spirit, being led by the Spirit into a life in the Spirit, where our life finds order and form. Literally, into conformity to the image of Jesus, the first born among many brethren. (Romans 8:29)

Why does walking in the Holy Spirit enable us to not fulfill the lusts of the flesh?

Take a moment and become aware of the Holy Spirit and step inside, explore, and walk about.

Why does being led by the Spirit bring you out from under the law?

How is walking (verse 16) different from being led (verse 18) by the Spirit?

When we are led by the Spirit the fruit of the Spirit will be evident within us. They grow as fruit of the Holy Spirit and become ours in the imbibing of the Holy Spirit.

When we habitually come into the Spirit we learn to live from the place of Holy Spirit. How does this environment allow our lives to come into order?

Why would this order be above the order of the law?

Why does this work where law fails?

Take time now to enter into the fruit of the Spirit through worship ascribing to God these fruits as His attributes.

Enter into each word, through your imagination and by enlarging the word through synonyms.

Describe love (1Corinthians 13) joy… peace…. longsuffering…. kindness… goodness…. faithfulness… gentleness… self control.

Take time to become influenced by these words, their meanings, and their imagery.

This is the kingdom of God and our inheritance.

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