Things That Have Been Freely Given

Read: 1 Corinthians 2 through 3:4

Paul shares, in these chapters, his reliance upon the Spirit of God and the contrasting places from which we live and resource. We are either natural, spiritual, or carnal people.

All that the Holy Spirit communicates to us is Spirit to spirit. He has been given to show us all things that have been prepared for us, even the deep things of God…so we might know the things freely given to us by God.

Because we have been born again we can, and are to see by the spirit (John 3:3-8), but we often see by our soul or through our flesh.

Natural is the Greek word for soul “Psuche” and the soul will often see and hear the things of the Spirit as foolishness.

Spiritual is non-carnal or ethereal. It comes from the Greek word for “breath or breeze or current of air” and so can compare (judge one thing in connection with another) spiritual things with spiritual.

Carnal is pertaining to flesh and earthly in it reference. Here the place and position and all of the works of the flesh find expression, even while we are attempting to follow and serve God.

1. Take time to meditate on these three places of living from and resourcing in life.

2. Ask yourself where do you find yourself most often living from. Why do you think so?

3. Meditate on the Holy Spirit’s assignment and His delight to reveal all things.

4. Enter in the Spirit praying in the Spirit for five minutes.

5. Become aware of His love for you and His joy in all that Jesus has done.

6. Now look again into these scriptures with spiritual eyes and compare these verses spiritual to spiritual. Allow yourself to see differently, think differently.

Often, to enter into living as the spiritual man that we have been born again to be, we must practice accessing from the our spirit and detaching from the natural (soul) and carnal (flesh) place of living and seeing. This takes practice and at first we are more aware of how much we live from the soul and our flesh. Don’t be discouraged, it is part of discovery and vital to maturity.

7. Practice asking yourself throughout the day “Where am I living from right now? Where am I seeing and processing from?”

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