The Unity of Spirit and Sound

Read and Meditate on: 2 Chronicles 5

After Solomon had finished building the Temple, he assembled all the elders and leaders together, bringing all the furnishing and the Ark into the Temple.

The Priests had sanctified themselves without regard to their division (their unity to their purpose) and they assembled to blow the trumpets, play music and sing praises.

Trumpets were the ministry of the priest and represent intercession, prayer, and ministry to the Lord through the sacrifices.

Instruments of music and singing had been introduced by King David, and now were the ministry of the Levites and represent worship and praise to the Lord.

On the day of the Temple dedication, both Priests and Levites had sanctified themselves (the same idea as consecration) to the Lord. Now, together they became one, making one sound to be heard.

Their unity of heart, sound, purpose, together with one hundred trumpets, multitudes of instruments and singers became one sound, as the sang “For He is good, for His mercy endures forever.”

The cloud of God’s glory then filled the Temple, and no one could stand, let alone continue their particular ministry—God had come to dwell in their midst.

What part do you think did the unity in sanctification have in their unity of presentation?

Imagine one hundred priests blowing trumpets with an untold number of musicians and singers sounding their voices and instruments.

Why one sound?

Why does God respond so favorably when there is honor to each member’s contributions and singularity of sound?

Consider this phenomenon, in your own worship and prayer life before the Lord.

How can disunity, within ourselves, hinder our experience with the Lord’s presence?

Take a moment, and bring prayer and worship to the Lord.

Allow your entire person to become one in intention and sound.

Say or sing God’s favorite chorus “He is good, for His mercy endures forever.

Become aware of His presence filling His temple.

What might happen when His entire body assembled and came into this unity of spirit and sound?

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