Today I Have Begotten You

Note: Today, we open a door that may be overwhelming, hard to hear, and hard to explain. Therefore I am purposely not teaching, but pointing in the direction where the treasure may be found. Please allow the Holy Spirit to be your teacher, leading you into the prophetic scriptures.



Read and meditate on: Hebrews 1; 5:5-11; Psalm 2; Romans 8:25-30;

Philippians 3:7-1; 1 Corinthians 15:45-49

The voice of God raised Jesus, from the dead in the power of the Holy Spirit, elevating Him into His High Priestly ministry, Resurrection Life, First Born among many brethren, Last Adam, Life-giving Spirit, and on, and on, and on. So much to say about Him yet at times hard for us to hear or explain.

Hebrews, as an entire book, is a thesis of the new order of Christ as High Priest. It is rich in discovery of what the Lord has accomplished and now is providing.

Today, meditate on the resurrected Christ, and the place Father set Jesus in.

Ask the Father to show you the image of the Son we are being conformed into? The Father’s voice calls for life and the new order.

  • What does that order look like?
  • What is a life-giving Spirit?

What would the voice of Father, saying to you, “You are My son. Today, I have begotten you” do to you?

  • What would resurrection look like for you?
  • What change would come?

Read Psalm 2. And ask, “How do I enter into this place in heaven in joy?” Read the Psalm, as your place of occupancy and promise.

Worship the Lord with all discoveries, knowing that it is not for us to obtain, only receive.

Faith in worship, giving back to the Father what He has said, is the first, foremost, and final thing we do, because it is all a gift being given.

Let’s rise in His presence and praise His victory!

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