Hearing the Sound in the Wind

Read and meditate on: Genesis 3:8-10; John 3:8

Looking up sound in both Genesis and John (Please do so for yourself), you will find that it is the same word for voice.

Looking up cool (Genesis 3:8) and wind (John 3:8), you will find both words mean breath, spirit, wind, breeze.

What we find is that in the Wind (Holy Spirit), there is a sound (Voice of God) and that voice is what transforms us. It may often frighten us first, exposing to us our nakedness, but after we encounter God in His voice we are brought into life in His presence.

Learning to hear the sound of His voice in the wind, and movement of the Spirit, is maturity. Jesus said this was impossible unless we are born again, but even then, if we live in the natural (soul) or carnal (flesh) we will often see His voice as either foolishness, or something to do. 1 Corinthians 2:9—3:4

When we hear His voice we live, and in His presence He speaks, giving life to the dead. John 5:25; Romans 4:17

Take time and enter into His Spirit settling yourself in His love, listen for the sound of His voice. As you hear enter into the sound of His voice, not just the words of intellectual meaning, but the tenor, the warmth,
the love, the confidence, the assurance, the hope and faith, experience it.

Now listen for the sound of His voice throughout the day and the next day. Take note of what is being said in sound.

Sound moves us, releases us, shakes us free, and calls us to our identity and inheritance.

Don’t fight the wind, instead listen for His voice.

If you feel fear, return to His voice. Express your fear and reason for it, then listen for the Father’s words as His voice, in His Son, releasing you again from all fear, into His endless love.

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