Dear Chosen,

It has been almost two months since we began our journey together as the CHOSEN. I felt, in prayer this week, that it was time for us to be together again to connect, collect, and strengthen ourselves in this next season of pilgrimage. Much is happening in the Spirit, in the earth, and in the sound of His voice.

Wednesday June 3rd 7-8:30 pm will be our gathering point during our regular Wednesday night service. The evening will be Live on our Web, and on demand afterwards, so everyone should be able to connect, collect, and be strengthened together.

Before then, I would love to hear from you about how these meditations are helping, or not. I would like to answer any questions that have risen through these meditations, or in general on your journey. If you would send you thoughts, questions, ideas, testimonies, as a reply to this email we will compile them and make sure we address them at our meeting June 3rd.

It is a great joy to journey with such a company of pilgrims, CHOSEN, elect of God.


CHOSEN meditation:

The Counterfeit Kingdom and Truth’s Displacement

Read and meditate on 1 Kings chapter one.

This truth, and it’s now application, came unexpectedly on Mother’s Day during worship. In a moment, I saw King David’s last days, his son Adonijah , Bathsheba, Nathan the prophet and Solomon. Even though promises had been made to Bathsheba, that Solomon would be king after David, and provision had been put in place for Solomon to govern and build a temple, Adonijah took it upon himself to become king.

Nathan the prophet, aware of this conspiracy speaks to Bathsheba of what is happening and what she must do. She must go to the king, then Nathan would follow to confirm her words.

Once David becomes aware of what is happening, he rises in his authority and calls for a true coronation over Solomon. This thereby obliterates all counterfeit efforts of usurping his choice of king and promise
to Bathsheba.

Through these events the chaff is removed from the wheat. Solomon is able to begin his reign with clarity, true authority, and the higher ground. So, even though promise had been delayed and could have been considered neglected, forgotten, and in jeopardy of not being fulfilled, it turns out for good.

Now that I have given a very short overview, enter into the story as Bathsheba, her bowing done and paying homage (Wealth is found, if you look up these in your Strong’s concordance) to her husband king David.

How does this approach and her words show faith and honor?

What if she had accused David of neglect or failure?

Nathan represents the prophetic movement toward completion in the midst of conflict. What faith is required in knowing the will of God, yet not assuming of the king that he do so?

Would this be appropriate in coming before King Jesus, in regards to His stated will, yet in jeopardy of being fulfilled?

Finally, enter into the decisive actions of king David and how each command dismantled Adonijah’s false claim as king.

What happens to those who had joined themselves to Adonijah’s kingdom?

How might the Lord exercise similar acts to establish His promises over you, to place you in His promised place of authority?

Solomon was the son of peace. In peace, he obtained his kingdom, in the midst of a coup.

Romans 16:20 says “And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feat shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.”



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