Hi Chosen,

I apologize (once again) for my tardiness in getting these meditations out. After London, I began on Wednesdays, the “Experience HOPE Eternal” Sessions. They are Wednesday evenings, 6-6:50 pm. We have just finished our third of six sessions to open the door of discovery into HOPE eternal. They have been really good, love seeing so many of you being able to make it. To those who haven’t, it is all on our web page, on-demand.

Now, I would like to follow up with some meditations on HOPE for the benefit of these truths being sown deep into our hearts, and to hear His voice again calling us up into resurrection life.

Let’s begin with HOPE “eternal” verses “concrete”.

Hope is eternal, it is living, it is good, and it is in God. Meditate these scriptures for the wealth behind these statements.

1 Corinthians 13:13;

1 Peter 1:3;

2 Thessalonians 2:16; and

1 Peter 1:21

The problem we face is that HOPE eternal will also activate our souls into concrete expectations. If I say, “Let’s go out to dinner in two weeks to your favorite restaurant” then with that promise comes an expectation. With that expectation there is a concrete date, time, and place. Now if on the day before we are scheduled for dinner I call and apologize saying, “I am sorry, but I won’t be able to make it after all” I have now interrupted natural hope with disappointment. (Unless you were too busy and glad for the cancelation). In any case, there would be a readjustment within your soul to the change of promise.

HOPE is eternal and also comes through promise. But it is fluid, never captive to our time and space continuum. It is eternal, living, and good. It is found inside resurrection and grace. Therefore, it is always a millions steps ahead of anything we may have done, or not done, or had done to us. HOPE is never dead.

Abraham had to stand next to his old hope as the Lord spoke out of His eternal hope. Then in faith, he had to step into the new hope – Isaac shall be born. Stepping out of hope into hope happens best in the presence of Him whom we believe. In other words it’s not a natural recalibration of our expectation but supernatural. A new mindset given through new experience with God.

Meditate: Romans 4:13-25; Genesis 17

What is the essence of your dreams (The common core of promises given)?

Where has your hope become attached to a concrete expectation?

Enter into His presence and fellowship in His faithfulness and completeness. Here, we listen for His voice to speak again.

What is God saying today?



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