Given by Steve Dittmar

For two years, you have labored to enter my rest. You have risen into my eternity. You have risen up above your circumstances to dwell with Me, to behold Me, to learn My ways and to listen to My voice. You have made my habitation your dwelling place. You have longed to abide with Me in intimacy. You have valued My house. You have valued My things. You have chosen Me—and I now choose you. And I now am setting a course to invade Your reality.

For as you have chosen to inhabit My eternity, through My Son, I now send forth My Spirit to invade your reality. For, your reality has been warred over by so many things…some of which you perceive and some of which you cannot understand. It has been warred over for the value I place over you, the word I placed in you, for the promises I’ve made to you.

For it’s not just the promises that come forth, but it’s the contention for the promise that brings forth brilliance. You have held My word. You have little strength; you have not denied My name. And so, I now establish a place for you to dwell. And I choose now to dwell in the midst of the reality you have.

Open your reality to Me, for I am here to invade it, to set it in order, to divinely strategize and break things free. Some things I will leave in place because there I will habitate and make a great name for Myself.

Others will not perceive why would I choose you. For you are my beautiful bride; I CHOOSE YOU. I value you. It’s not your strength or your ability. It’s not all you would think I would want. It’s you—chosen before you had a choice to be chosen. You have chosen well by choosing Me. I have strengthened the bond… rebuilt the ladders. My angels have ascended and descended with your prayers—but they are coming down and down and down with your answers.

Breakthroughs that are not expected are coming—are here now. Victories that have been almost given up and almost surrendered, are breaking forth.

For today, today, today, today, I change the direction. You will still ascend, and you will still learn to live and relate from Me, with Me, and in Me—but I am now sending MY armies here to you. I am sending the forces of heaven to route the enemies, to change destinies and directions of people, even to liberate the neighborhood cities and countries.

I have come because you have cried out. You have done well to choose Me, in the midst of loss. You have done well to hold Me in the midst of contest.

But I now come with a strong hand and a brilliant right arm
to deliver you,
to release you,
to free you,
to heal you,
to restore you,
to renew you,
to do all that you long for but had to let go of to come up and be with Me.

To choose Me over your circumstances was a good choice. But, I now choose you over your circumstances. And I say, “LOOSE THEM, LET THEM GO, LET THEM GO LET THEM GO, LOOSE THEM AND LET THEM GO!!! LET THEM GO, THESE ARE DAUGHTERS AND SONS OF ABRAHAM! AND THEY ARE NOT TO BE BOUND—NOT TO BE BOUND.”

And I enter into your reality as you have chosen my eternity. And I cause reality to yield, to bow the knee, to submit and to yield to My coming. For I come as a man of war. I come with a brilliance and a sword out of My mouth! And, I come to command the host of heaven. And I command the angels to move about to recount and recover and release and renew.

Here I am! Here you are! I’ve come for you! I’VE COME FOR… YOU!

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