Given by Steve Dittmar

I feel like God wants to say something today, right now, by the Spirit, to those who have been standing, waiting for promise completion and who have given themselves like Anna to prayers and fastings. If you have been on assignment, you have felt like you have had an assignment to carry something in your spirit or pray through something, I believe the Lord wants to speak a word.

If you are feeling that is who you are, you may be now old in age, maybe not old-age wise because you can start this journey early and you could be intense about it for a few years and carry it like others might for forty years, I would like you to stand up because I feel like there is a word over you that I just want to release a word of encouragement.

Those of us who carry promise, it could be everyone in this house because this is a house of promise, house of prayer, but there is something of the Lord that He wants you to know that you don’t have to leave the place of your assignment.

He is coming to your house. He is coming to your house. Your place of ministry, place of residency and place of position that you have been put in. That the promise you have been given and been revealed that you would see, you shall see and by your prayers, there is a partnership that heaven acknowledges. You are recognized in heaven for having held a promise in heaven from earth through your prayers.

And the Lord would say,


In a little while, in a very little while, He who is coming will come and will not tarry. That you shall see with your eyes; you shall handle with your hands, the Word of Life that has been revealed to you by My Spirit. That there is a grace that is coming. That you will be ushered in by My Spirit to experience things in their infancy.

For I am birthing in the earth new things that have not been seen before by man and I have separated you unto Myself and brought you together to Myself to reveal to you the things that I am doing as they begin to be known in the earth. For others will not see them for some time and they will discern against them, even fighting against them but they will not prevail.

For I have set in motion a series of completions of promise that I ushered and spoke forth not just to you but to many others. And not just to this generation but generations before. But now is the time that these things are to be revealed. Now is the time for these things to come into fruition. And I will not be stopped and my completion will come forth. And you will not be stopped and your completion will come forth.

For I have begun. I say to you today, allow my Spirit to lead you. Do not be discouraged in your environment nor circumstances nor the age of your body or the age of your journey. Do not be discouraged for I will bring you in to see, to handle, to touch, to experience and to communicate to others that which I am doing.

And by your words of agreement, others will enter in. I will multiple, increase and bring about a fullness that eyes have not seen nor ear heard nor has entered the heart of man the things that I have now prepared for those who have waited patiently, who have sought me diligently, who have stumbled in their own efforts but have been held by My hand.

I bring you in. I am bringing you in. I am bringing you in. I am bringing you in. In. In. In. I am bringing you in, says the Lord.

Let’s receive that.

Lord, we receive that. We receive that, Lord. Lord we receive that.

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