Given by Richard Woldum

“There is a lack in many areas of people’s lives. The enemy has not only dried up the dreams, but to remove hopes, to remove the desire to go on for at times life is hard. At times we ask where is the end of the tunnel? When is breakthrough coming?

“I want to bless the breakthrough for finances. I want to bring the resources of heaven into people’s lives. Not only into their lives but I also want to bring it into the church. For I do not want my church to have any lack. I want them to be overflowing with enough even to give away to others so that they can see what their God can do. Not only in each individual life but in the life of the church. Enough is enough of a lack of. I am bringing the finances the same way I brought my people out of Egypt, out of slavery. I am taking the church and it’s members out of the slavery of poverty into the land of plenty into the land of more than enough. This is not just for finances but for jobs and breakthrough for homes. Breakthroughs into unexpected finances, supernatural finances. I wish to bring hope and trust into their lives. I will be the One who brings breakthrough into their financial world.

“Many people say everything is going south and financially everything will be taken away and people will have to fend for themselves and people who don’t know me are in trouble. That is not quite the way it is going to go. For one thing there will be Kingdom Companies and I will establish a way of investing in my companies on this earth through people I trust. I can set up the structure and bring forth dividends but in a different way. As time moves on people will see my financial structure begin to form, but it will be different than what you see today. But those who do not walk with me and do not know me will not participate. You ask how? I am coming to establish what I want, not what the world wants. I have a plan and I will reveal it and bring it forth. Do not doubt me. I wish to give back to my people and my church.

“Many people in this world of lack will live in fear and despair, but as I led my people out of slavery, I am leading those who love me, those who walk with me, those who desire me. I am leading them into not just the promised land but the land filled with milk and honey. A land that will enrich their lives through the power of my Spirit working through them. They will be led and they will be taken care of.

“Financially – there are many thing that have to do with finances- food, clothing, shelter, a place to work, things to help in life and move in life. I am not removing these things but I am developing, you might say, another world in this world. Not many people can walk into this world anymore than the enemy has done for all time to only a select few, into the finances he controlled.

“Because you hear Jesus in you, those who do not have Jesus will need you because you are blessed. Because the enemy will be working through them to hate you. But as I say in My Word, know that I have overcome the world. John 16:33 Now you will see what it means when I say I have overcome the world. For I am bringing you help. I am bringing you emergency aid from My throne room, from heaven that is not without. There is no lack of anything in heaven. You will see this in your lives.

“Some of you have trouble believing this and some of you have no trouble believing this, but I will touch your lives and then it us up to you to say the Lord has not come, but if the Lord has come then you must come to know me in a different way.

“I am not a God who says to you that this must be done and that must be done in order for this happen. I can make all things happen and do whatever I want them to do. I do not need to do things in the order you say I need to do them. After all, I am a compassionate and a loving God. I knew what my people would do when they rebelled in the desert. I did not hold back bringing those who believed into the promised land. Ex. 2:23-28 I heard their cry. As I heard their cry, I’ve heard yours. I’ve seen what you can do, now watch what I can do.

“My only question to all of you this evening is – Do you have the faith to believe that your God can do this? Do you have the faith to believe that I will do it? Or do you think I only move when I move that I do not see your pain? That I do not see what you are going through and I just shut my ears and I cannot change my mind? I am a God that sees what is going on and I see this church that is devoted to me. It follows with all its heart to do what I want and is willing to be looked upon as strange for the sake of following me. When I see things like this it makes my heart want to move. I will move. So my children do not look at the giants in the land. Be like Joshua and Caleb who had faith in me that I could overcome all things. Num. 13:31-33 So I say to you, do not look at finances as being a giant in the land. Do not look at what is going on in the world economy as being a giant in the land. Do not look upon your own problems but seek my face for what you need in this church. Do not see it as a giant in the land when you have a God who can do much more.

“I know that storm clouds gather around you. Luke 8:22-28 Understand my Son quieted the storm on the sea. When the apostles thought they were going to die, that all was lost, Jesus quieted the storm and before He quieted the storm He was sleeping in the back of the boat. This is the peace you need and I will pour out my gift of peace this evening. I will pour it out in abundance. Do not doubt this.

“When Solomon lived he was greatly blessed. I Kings 3:13 He had wealth beyond what he could ever have imagined. He was blessed because of his father and He was blessed in a way that only I could bless him. I did that for him at that time so why wouldn’t I want to do this for you at this time. I am the yesterday, today and forever. I can go in and out of time.

“Many of you have lost faith because of the circumstances in life, because you seem to be in a little box moving around the four corners but not going out of the box. In doing that you have also put me in your little box. You cannot think your God can do anything except what you think I can do. You tie my hands and I cannot move. But remember I am your supernatural God. I am the only God. I can do all things and bring all things and some of you have been bringing testimonies (to the Sunday services) of how I moved in your lives. How I have done great things for you. I will do even more in each one of your lives. Let me be your provider. Let me move into your lives. GIVE ME PERMISSION. Do not fear for I am not a God of vengeance in your lives but I am a God of love. I am a generous God; I am a God that delights in giving and bringing things about in your lives. Open your hearts my children and surrender to your God who can do exceedingly, abundantly above whatever you expected. Give me your permission to act in your lives.

“Remember you can say no because I am comfortable where I am and that is okay, I respect that. That is why tonight I am asking your permission and asking you to trust me. Trust me with your lives, trust me with your families, trust me with your finances, trust me with the things you do not understand, trust me with the things you cannot see. Trust me with the things I will do – supernatural things of heaven that you have not seen. Trust me with all I will do for I am a good God and delight in doing great and good things for my children. Trust me not only with the peace I give you tonight but a greater impartation of faith and trust. A greater degree of faith, my faith, your God’s faith in heaven to be imparted into each one’s life. You are not walking of this church the same way you came in

“Even if you say I am afraid. Even if you say I do not know if I can trust God fully. Even though there may be many doubts in your heart because of past experiences, in spite of all your doubts and unbelief I will still impart my faith into you for you will need that in the days ahead.

“People may have doubts and some may believe, but for the ones who can believe, much will be done. My Word is true when it says my ways are not your ways, for I work sometimes in ways people are not used to. Remember, time is on my side. I can do something when I want or where I want to and however I want to. Time is on my side. This is very difficult for some to think I will do because they look for heaven to use earth’s resources to provide instead of it coming from heaven. This takes greater faith. It takes MY faith. There is so much I want to do. People have a certain frame of mind of how I might work when it comes to finances and I must change this frame of mind, this mindset that makes people see finances in a certain way instead of seeing it through my perspective. I must change this mindset this evening. It is important that we stretch our vision for the times to come and put aside what we think God will do and embrace the new. There will be much new and much new ways I move. A new environment people have to get used too much like a baby creeping and crawling and trying to find its way. My people have to keep their eyes on me because there is not going to be a map, but if they keep their eyes on me all things are possible. I am really stretching my people beyond what they are comfortable because there is a great fight in this world for souls and therefore a great fight to fool people by deception so that they will not enter into the land I am calling people to enter into. That is why it is important that they put aside their own ideas of how I will do it. Only in this way can I take them into the new land, into the new ways I will move and that also includes finances. I am doing a new thing so it is important to be wide open as to how provision will come in this world. Clarice Fluitt even talked about finding money in different parts of her home, even in closets. This is not normal and it is the not normal that I am about to perform. It will not be the old ways but God’s ways- God’s ways of providing finances. It is a new day as the church has been singing that song. Like the first day of creation for I am doing something actually creatively new to help my people and hook them into the resources of heaven. Finances, homes, inheritances, jobs restored. My Word goes out and it will accomplish what I intend it to do.

“Do people have enough faith to write down what they need or to ponder what they need? Can I grant them things that are normally only gotten by money? Cannot make this a season of fulfilling things for people but they don’t have the money. Cannot heaven do them one better and fulfill the desires of their heart, just maybe the desires I put in their hearts.

“Ask the people to think what they want material and spiritual. What is it that you need that you do not have the money to obtain? Have them think about it before you throw out the gifts. Not just spiritually but materially.

“Making everything new – new lives.

“You look at your life and see how I have provided for you and yet many do not believe even though the evidence is before their eyes. Faith has to be stretched.”

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