Given by Pastor Steve:

Take hold of the presence. Take hold of the place you’ve been brought into. We are to carry it out of here with us. We are going to:

• rule from this place,
• rest from this place,
• carry the expression of God from this place… carrying His Kingdom.

Worthy is the Lamb! The GRACE that has been extended…the shout over families, children, youth, generations, churches, music industry, all the places. The sound is continuing to go forth, continuing to sound and reverberate. It’s going in and out, in and out. Not just outward but inward, deep unto deep, unto deep, unto deep.

Hannah heard the priest say that “Your petition has been granted you” and she went home happy! (laughter) Happy!

• Let your faith take hold of those words that you heard tonight.
• Let your faith. Let it be yours, let it be something that is now and will always be. (Singing)

We are:
• learning a new way to sing
• learning a new way to stand
• learning a new way to walk
• learning a new way to rule
• learning to walk among those who walk among the fiery stones
• learning to walk among those who walk in the high places

Oh, Worthy is the Lamb, worthy is the Lamb, worthy is the Lamb! You are worthy. Worthy are You, Lamb of God! We worship You, O Lamb of God, You are worthy! We stand with You O Lamb of God. We rule with You O Lamb of God!

Glorious One, glorious One, glorious One!

Ah Jesus, You are so good, so good, so big! Let the world see. O let the world see! O let the world see! Let the world see Your glory! Let the world see your glory in Your church. O Lord, You’ve opened a door we can walk in, we can live in a high place?greater grace! Greater Grace! Greater Grace!! Yes, Lord!

• Waters, water, waters filling this place.
• The glory of God filling the earth, like waters covering the sea. Deep calling unto deep.
• Water saturating,
• rivers beginning to break forth.
• Springs of living water coming up out of your belly.
• Receive, recognize, acknowledge, agree with it!
• The awakening of God’s greatest glory, His kindness, His mercy, His abundance coming forth and breaking into our lives, that we’d be an example of the riches of His grace and His kindness toward us for all eternity. Wow! Showing His goodness toward His people.

Waters, waters, flooding, flooding, flooding, like the water out of Ezekiel’s temple, a small trickle turning into a mighty river. . .

This is so Good Father! Thank You so much for seasons of refreshing! Thank You so much for faith!

Thank You so much for our High Priest Jesus Who made all this possible that we can come in here and sit with You and sup with You in the High Place, in the Holy of Holies, in the mercy throne and the throne of Grace. We can overcome and sit with You, Jesus in Your throne, because You overcame and now sit with the Father at His throne.

You have made a place for us… and we worship You! We praise You! We bless You! We acknowledge You! You are so great! Worthy is the Lamb! It is a good thing to serve You.

Waves keep coming! Waves, waves are coming! Make sure you saturate yourselves! Don’t go home dry! Make sure you go home wet!

This place is where you stand, in His presence, in His truth, revelation of Jesus Christ coming into your being… everything that pertains to life and godliness and unto the knowledge of Him. Everything that has to do with your future, inheritance, callings… it’s yours! Wow! We receive. We receive. We receive, Lord!

Given by Richard Woldum:

And the Lord says: You have entered a land called “Mystery”. But it is My mystery as to how I will fulfill all the things that you have been asking for and have been wanted to know and need and to be taken to where I am. It is where everything that you did not know how to do yourself, I can do. How you could not see how something would be accomplished, I will accomplish it because in my land, mystery, mystery, mystery makes sense and I will make sense of all that you yourself that you yourself have wanted to see come about.

It is time for a shift, for a change. This is the land where nothing is impossible with Me. This is the land where mystery becomes light; and YOU SEE! You come to the light. You come to a new realm. You come to a new way in God that you have not seen, that you have not known. But know that I, your Lord and your God, will fulfill the things that you always said to yourself, “How can this be? How can I make it come about? How can I know God? How can I come to the knowledge of God? How can I come to the deeper things of God??

You have entered a realm where you will start to SEE Me form these things in your life, for I your God am a gracious and a good God. I do not want to be Mystery to you any longer. I want to be Light to you. And I bring you where I am so that you can go beyond mystery and you can SEE things as they are. For you’ll SEE things with different eyes and you’ll HEAR things with different ears. And you’ll KNOW things in a different way than you’ve known before.

Get ready! Get ready to SEE! Get ready to EXPERIENCE visions! Get ready to KNOW Me in a way you’ve never known Me before, for I am taking you to where it says in My word that “deep calls to deep”. My deep has been a mystery until now but YOU SHALL KNOW the deeper things of God.

Given by Pastor Steve:

So I release over each one of you:
• Divine imprints,
• The sealing of Holy Spirit,
• Access keys in remembrance of where you are standing to visit often,
o to abide here,
o to learn to live from here,
o to rule from here,
o the place that you have been given access to.

For long ago, given to you by My Son, saved for such a time as this and revealed in this hour, salvation so great. The angels have longed to look upon, an inheritance so beyond what any could yet perceive.

• Now, the power of God I make known to My servants.
• I make known to My people, a place that they will live in, dwell in and rule from.
• I open this door and you have entered in.
• I seal you.
• I give you an access code, a place you can enter and come often and learn of Me.

Learn of Me! Learn of Me, for here we shall rule, we shall make known the manifold wisdom of My Son even to the principalities and powers. I have brought you here. Now take hold by your spirit, beloved. And say, “By Faith, I receive! I receive the freedom to come here often. I receive the access code.” …Hebrews 10 says, “Only by the Blood, through the veil of Your flesh”, THAT IS THE CODE!

Lord, we secure it. This is Truth! This is Truth! We rejoice!

• What will be so honoring to our Lord is that we make a point to gather with Him here.
• What will be honoring to Him is that when we gather on Wednesday, we won’t have to be coaxed. But we will come boldly into worship and will release our spirit alive, and soar right into the holy place!
• What will honor Him is that we will move with a holy boldness in our day, looking forward to that peace and shalom and life of God breaking into the very realms we walking in…living IN this world but not OF this world. We are of the kingdom to come!
• What will honor Him is that we will freely give away what He has freely given to us.
• What will honor Him is that we go home tonight, securing in our spirit, holding in our heart and just rejoicing in this which has been opened up to us and which we now have partaken of. We can be right back there in the morning.
• He will be so thrilled if we will come and stay and sup with Him again and again.

When we come corporately we will have such an authority that things will start to shift and every thing will break loose, the chains will break off and the doors will start opening and people’s lives start getting healed and fixed. God is dwelling in the midst of His people. That is what God is sealing here tonight! It is the Blood of the Lamb and the veil of His flesh.

• I release you to be a frequent flyer and I give you access to soar in the heavens,
• to rule in the midst of your enemies,
• to walk in the midst of the Kingdom to those fiery stones among the fiery ones.
• I bless you to go out in the glory and the mercy of God and to live in the presence of God,
…in the name of Jesus Christ!

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