Now it came to pass, as He was praying in a certain place, when He ceased, that one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.” Luke 11:1

Jesus prayed. This is a pattern that the disciples observed for over 3 years. They are beginning to recognize a parallel. Jesus prays—things happen. Prayer is very important to Jesus and they ask Jesus to teach them to pray. They didn’t ask to be taught “How to pray”, but rather, “Teach us to pray”.

Jesus then gives the Lord’s Prayer then admonition that even when you start praying, you will feel that everything is against you. So, don’t stop when it doesn’t seem to be working—keep pressing in. He then ends with this promise in verse 13:

13 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!” Luke 11:13

I love this, because the Holy Spirit is the answer to every prayer. He will be involved with the administration, wither it’s the gift of healing, finance, the moving of the heart, the gift of repentance or knowledge. Anything that is from heaven will come administratively through the Holy Spirit.

So, they want to learn to pray as Jesus prayed. And Jesus’ response is “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit…”

I was driving last week and the Lord spoke to me. He spoke to me about five things we can do to stay filled with the Holy Spirit. I was excited about this idea because since last week, my world has been shifted with the understanding of Him taking over the planet with His goodness and graciousness. And, how He occupies and possesses us, is so critical because we tend to repeatedly advance and retreat. Yet, the kingdom was made on the principle of “Go and make disciples of all the world. Teaching them to observe all that I commanded you. Or, as in Geneses, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill, subdue and have dominion”. Again to Noah, “Go and be fruitful—multiply and fill”.

Without what we have filling ourselves, we will always be in a battle, trying to “keep it together”. We will always be in an awkward place. A lot of the training I have been through, which is a wonderful training of the
Father, Son and Holy Spirit camp.

The journey is to learn to live from the place of the unseen and not the seen. As the apostle Paul put it,

16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. 17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, 18 while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

So, to grow up and in capacity to bring kingdom into the earth, we have to become people who live from the unseen and not the scene. People who carry what is eternal not the temporary.

This is no fun to learn because it means your life will probably crumble in some place that you won’t be able to correct, collect or fix. Yet, God will come along and meet you and say, come on, believe in Me. Holy Spirit will get you excited about that wonderful awful place of your life and talk about the beauty of what He is bringing in the goodness of what He is doing. You will then be excited and go back to see that the same thing is happening just the way it was before. You have to live this dichotomy.

At some point, you may say to God, “I can’t go on having a relationship with You unless you change the situation. I can’t live with You promising me and not performing. I need a performance of Your promise. We throw a little fit about it. I’ve thrown so many fits I can’t remember how many. I used to tell the Lord all the time, why he had to do what he had to do, because he said what he said, therefore he had to do what he had to do. And the Lord would just smile and tell me something like “Your feet are beautiful I love you”. He would then undo me. I would remind Him that we were getting off the subject. “You always do that to me. You bring me into Your presence, tell me how much You love me and you avoid my conversation.

Then it dawned on me one day that He really didn’t want to have this conversation. It is like Job. We can talk about things you can’t answer or we can talk about much I love you—either way just enter into the conversation now.’;

I found out that there’s actually a conversation going on in heaven that is contrary to the one on the planet. It is contrary to the things that are being set over you, contended over you, self-talk, the accuser, all of the things that we feel the tension of in this world. It is only increasing exponentially because of social media, Internet and all the other realms of living vicariously and engaging many thoughts. The world is just going crazy and we are trying to live in peace. Unless we find the way in which we come up above that and live from a place where God is already secured our heaven, our home, our heart, where His conversation is the one we hear, the one we live from, we fight to change the current.

If a lot of waves start crashing on the beach, it will start creating a cannel as the water rushes to find its way back into the ocean. That little cannel will turn into a rip-current. All the rip-current is trying to do is pull all of that water, by gravity, back into the ocean where it came. If you are stuck in that rip current, you begin to feel yourself being swept back into the ocean. You will panic and wonder what to do. You will swim harder and harder. Unless a rescuer comes, or somehow you miraculously get out of that current, you will drown. The awful thing about this is that a rip-current is usually, no more than 10-15 feet wide. The force of the current is because there is so much volume going in such a quick current. We have all heard that if we find ourselves in a rip-current, swim parallel to the shore and soon you will be out of it. If you didn’t know this, you would drown.

So, in our training for reigning, we are often given wonderful promises and placed in wonderful places, only to have such warfare and tension over your soul and your life that you have to question where God is and what He is doing. We get to these points and ask “Do I need performance?” and God answers, “Maybe, but why not come up here and spend some time with Me?”

In the last three years, I started discovering how much God was going to change the world. The things He tells me about what He is doing and how He is going to change the planet are amazing. It is o-verwhelming at the effect of Him coming and showing Himself. I believe that it will make the Jesus Movement seem like a forerunner, a precursor or practice run. Those in the Jesus Movement will remember that basically, you were in the rip-current of heaven. You were sucked up, into a place which you didn’t know how you got there. You went off to get high and you ended up getting saved.

You didn’t have to try to get people into a church so they would change the way they think—they stop, they turn around and they start running. Because something was so strong on the planet—and it was GOD! It was Holy Spirit—God consciousness. It was a Devine influence upon the heart of man. Grace was abounding.

Holy Spirit was the One Jesus told us would be the reason and the means to do what He called us to do, which was to be witnesses to Him throughout the entire world. But, we couldn’t do it without Him. So, He gave me five things we could do to stay filled with the Holy Spirit. I thought this was awesome because I know that to occupy, have dominion, to increase the forces of God, the forcefulness of His dominion, we need more Holy Spirit. We need more God. We need an increase, so I want to be more filled.

The first thing that I began to notice is that every time Holy Spirit shows up, it is connected to prayer. There is something about prayer. They prayed, Holy Spirit came. He seemed to be linked to the people in prayer toward heaven.

Then, God started to play with me. He said, “Here is the short answer: Five things you can do to stay filled with the Holy Spirit.

  1. PRAY
  2. PRAY
  3. PRAY
  4. PRAY
  5. PRAY

He continued teasing and playing with me. This is the movement of the human heart toward receiving more of Holy Spirit. We can call it prayer, praise, worship, hope. But He wasn’t going here.

Last night, Cammy and I were talking and He started to drop into me the five things He wanted me to tell you. It was after He said a simple truth about Jacob. I know this truth about Jacob. After Jacob had come out of the house of Laban and secured himself into the land of promise, and after he had gotten out of the immediate trauma of getting there, and securing himself, came the most awful report from his sons, that his favorite son, Joseph was dead. How they did it was that after they took his multicolored cloak of favor and they dipped it in goat’s blood. They brought it back to their father and asked, if this was his son’s coat. The father knew this to be his coat and then seeing the blood, he then made an assumption that he had been torn by wild animals. He had been killed. He went into such disconnect, such grief and sorrow. For the next twenty years, he didn’t hear God’s voice. He had not prophetic vision, no sound. He just had a grieving heart of sorrow until he got the next report from his sons as they came back from Egypt telling him that his son, Joseph lives. His heart almost faints. He almost has a heart attack but then he says, “It’s good. I’ll see my son, then I will die”. His whole life had been put on “stall”—he couldn’t go forward.

I’ve know this, but you can know everything in the bible but you can’t stop it from happening. The bible is not a preventive book to keep you out of evil. It is a redemptive book to get you out, to get you to where you will go. It gives you faith in the living Jesus.

I meditated on this many times because I’ve been there. I know the feeling of losing things and losing children that you love.

I remember when our middle daughter ran away from home. Then later when she came home. I was so thrilled as I travel all the way to Northern California to retrieve her. Then the next week I was to travel to San Diego for another daughter’s graduation from college. I had had a trail of tears from Northern California to Southern California.

The Lord spoke to me many times of Abraham going after his nephew Lot. And from Dan to Beersheba began to become a declaration of Israel’s dominion because that’s how far Abraham had gone to retrieve Lot.

It all worked and all was well. I remember coming back and saying, “The good news is, I don’t want to have a heart that shuts down and stops believing God because I lose something valuable to me. I am grateful for what has happened but I want my faith to stay alive. I don’t want to ever lose my place.

It was good and many hopeful things occurred. My daughter went to IHOP, spent a year there, went to Israel and spent another year there. But, everything was kind of moving sideways. Everyone was having to find their own way in discovering God. Somewhere along the line, after so much effort, I remember just letting go. Thinking, “I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know how to navigate. I will see you all on the other side of redemption.”

This was a true wonderful statement but my heart was not cooperating. I’m so glad to be in the in the presence of God because without the presence of God you just lose your place faster than if you were at least amongst the presence of God. So, life continues. You just have to keep hearing God’s voice and keep finding His way.

But like Jacob, you just lose your prophetic vision because you have so many questions unanswered, so many issues you want resolved, so many things you want to fix. You feel that the evil narrator that interprets your life through law, failure and through accusation to your God. And he makes you feel like you have no place. So you just go your way, until the Lord calls you up.

In 2009, the Lord called me up. The Lord began to challenge me like Job. He asked me, “Hey, What’s your problem?”

I told Him that if He wanted to hear it, I had a list.

He said, “Ok, Let’s talk. But let me ask you this, before I answer your problems: Where you around when I put the stars in the solar system? Do you know where I keep the thunder? Do you know where I keep the hail? Do you know how I bring deer to birth? Do you know where a tree falls in the earth?” I answered, “No”.

He responded, “Well then, how can you know what I am doing? How can you require Me to answer you concerning a small item like your little inter-family when you have no clue what I’m doing in the bigger picture. So, if you can answer Me this, I will answer you that.”

When God does this, it is the kindest thing He will ever do to anyone. He just comes in and says, “So, what? I am God…follow Me. Get up, get off and get going. Either sit down, shut up or get up and get going. He has these kind ways of calling you into faith.

Out of this came this whole understanding of forgiveness and letting go and continue to always be forgiving. You have to forgive God. You have to forgive yourself and each other. You just have to let it go. You have to walk away and not ask the questions. There are simply certain things you just can’t resolve and shouldn’t resolve. It’s like all of a sudden a flood is coming and your home is in jeopardy. You only grab what is most precious and you get out. This is how life is. Many times, you just have to get up and get out of the moment you’re in because the moment will bury you. And, you become dysfunctional.

So, even though I had said, and I knew that I didn’t want to be like Jacob where I began to not hear the active voice of God and know prophetic sound—I found myself that I had been there until the Lord called me and commanded me to let go, forgive and release.

He then called me up and said, “Come on. I have a plan and a purpose and something to do and it’s not about you. Wake up, Steve. I didn’t come to save you and make you a happy person. I came to save you and use you to save the world. To affect the world through you, but it is not about you. It is not even because of you. You have nothing to do with it. You are just a cracked pot and I put treasure there. And, I want my treasure to pour out—so, let’s get going. The first way you are going to get going, is that you are going to come up and learn My language, live in My presence and begin to understand that heaven is really not moved by what is happening on the planet. Heaven is not having council meetings about ISIS and Syria. It isn’t worried over the earth. It isn’t wondering who will be the next president and hoping the Christians will pray hard enough to get the right president.”

Dear God, I’m glad we aren’t hostage to this. Heaven isn’t fret about wanting to do something but Jesus’ bride won’t. When He needs His bride to do something, He can get His bride to do whatever needs to be done.

It’s not a big deal. What is a big deal is that you are loved, and have a place, and there is something so large that wants to live in you. This is something so incredibly large that you just want to get a hold of—that is the Holy Spirit!

So, last night, Papa gave me a simple way to explain this. He said,

“Jacob, you hear the news, but you believe the lie”.

Jacob received the news of a bloody, favored coat, and took it to mean that his son was dead. The news of a bloody coat was a fact but his son was dead was a lie. His son was not dead. His son was being sent special delivery. Save the world, via God. Save the planet, save the nations and fulfill promise that I made to Abraham and place a nation inside of a nation—a miracle upon miracles. He was just being sent by God, via slavery, accusation, imprisonment and abandonment. This was how God was going to save a plant, was with one person through a path that wasn’t the path I would have chosen. It’s like swim across the ocean by yourself, I’ll keep the sharks away”. We think, “What are You doing?” God knows what He is doing.

I was in Thailand a few months ago. I got on Joseph in the bible. We read it like a newspaper. We receive it how it’s happening. We interpret it how it means to us. We live inside shame and reproach and it just shuts you down.

But, suddenly, God opened it up. He said, Joseph was the most intelligent person who had more favor, more capacity, and more prophetic promise. He had dreams and the ability to interpret them. He said, “Do you know how hard it was for Me to keep him in Egypt? Every place I put him, he just kept rising up so I had to put him down lower.” In slavery, you can purchase your freedom. It was a different mindset of American slavery. If he had gotten free, what would he have done? He would have gone home and tattled on his brothers and broken the family up. He was put in prison but started elevating there. He finds someone who has access. He makes a prophetic promise, “Hey, remember me when you get there”.

God said, “I had to stop letting the guy remember anything. Until Joseph would quit fighting where he was and start living where he is, he was stuck.

I was stuck too. I had plan “Z” ahead of me. Because, when I brought Joseph out of prison, I had to have a man, so free from his past that he could become what I wanted him to be in the future”.

In prison, Joseph was told, “Joseph, time to get up. The kings calling you. Get up, Pharaoh wants to see you. Joseph answered, “Why?” “It’s about a dream. I don’t know.”

Joseph had resolved much by this time. Beloved, don’t ever ask God to resolve things. There is so much to go through, but if you do, it is so liberating. It is freedom.

Joseph is on his way up. He changed his clothes, was told to wash and shave. Shave? Joseph told the jailer that this was not part of his tradition, or belief. They didn’t care about his beliefs. Joseph was coming before Pharaoh and pharaoh doesn’t like hairy men. This was an immediate crisis. Joseph had already resolved the issue of, “I don’t care. Whatever happens, God is in charge. I’m letting go. Whatever is going to
facilitate is going to be outside of my control anyway—so whatever.” He had the “whatever” down.

So, he stands in front of Pharaoh and Pharaoh says, “Hey, I hear you can interpret dreams. Joseph says, “God will give Pharaoh an answer of peace”.

A few years ago, the Lord taught me this simple truth. No man can give an answer of peace until he has found peace with me. If you aren’t in peace—you have no peace to give. Even if you can discern visions and dreams and interpret the stock market, you may still carry no peace.

So, Joseph gives him the word of peace, the instruction and advice. He tells Pharaoh, “You are the man”. Boom—wash him again, change him again. Let’s get him up to the level of Prime Ministership. Tattoo his eyebrows. Let’s get him looking like an Egyptian. Change his name, marry an Egyptian, a bride of another man’s religion. Let’s just pull him inside this thing because he is fully in charge.

Joseph just thinks, “Wow, this is new. Oh well, this is where I am. This is where I’m supposed to serve. This is what I’m supposed to do. No longer did he say, “Oh and by the way, before we get started on this, can I have one little thing. I need to go home and tell on my brothers because they did an awful thing, and I want to make sure that thing gets resolved”.

In fact, literally, years later, when his brothers finally show up and they are bowing at his feet, it says in Genesis, “He remembers the dream”. So, if he remembers the dream, he must have forgotten the dream. You have to forget certain mental frameworks to go into new frameworks.

You know, when Pentecost came, if God was looking for better or more powerful or eloquent prayer, he would have expanded those in the upper room’s brains. No! He didn’t want to touch the brain because the
brain is connected to the soul and the soul is connected to body and the body is connected to the world. The soul wants to save its body and wants to save itself so it is just not really wired yet. It has a bad program. We have to take it to the cross and shut it down and kill it. We must tell it to stay there awhile and He will rewire it, but in the midst of it He says, “Love Me there—give Me more praise”.

Your soul just wants everything to go right. It doesn’t want to be embarrassed, or die or be defeated. It just doesn’t want to live in shame or reproach. It wasn’t meant to; and yet, the cross is the means of deliverance, so the soul can be saved.

At Pentecost they “Get the Spirit”. A mighty glorious rushing wind! Tongues of fire on everyone’s head. Everyone starts talking gibberish. Come on, this is closer to the way you think it is. Pentecost was a party—a rock and roll party! It was 9: o’clock in the morning party! So much so, that they were thought to be drunk with a special new wine.

I tell you—there is something about the corporate glorious Holy Spirit. When He captures a group of people, He can change a planet. 120 acting like fools. If you have ever encountered Holy Spirit when He comes in that level and you allow Him to touch you in that level, you realize that everything you’re worrying about has no consequence to anything you’re concerned about. You realize that the entire thing is a preoccupation with death. Life is reigning and you get caught up in the stream of life and it’s like the whole thing is funny!—or, the tears come and you weep. You see the heartbreak of humanity and see it from Father’s eyes. You disconnect from your plane and you are connected upward and inside of God’s heart. This is not mind; it is spirit.

God is good. The hardest thing for the body of Jesus Christ in western United States is that we are going to have to let go of a lot of conditions that we are still holding God to, the way things are supposed to happen and what is and isn’t allowed. If God wanted you to come up and be the advisor to President Obama, to help him navigate crisis in the Middle East, some of you might say, “I wouldn’t do that”. Some of you might think, “I don’t know how to do that.” But, if you had been living in a prison cell long enough, that none of these things were ever conditions and that you would come to peace with God and come into a union of fellowship and oneness with the sound and the voice and the Life. And, you understood that everything had already been finished and all things had been set in motion and God’s promises were complete and you were just walking in peace and it really didn’t matter if you spent the rest of your life in that prison—you might just come right up.

What if God wants you to run with Hillary Clinton?

What if He wants you to work for Saudi Arabia? Some of our mindsets are stuck in “No”. I’ve got news for you, God loves the planet and the entire universe. But, we don’t live like this.

We think, “Let’s get Israel out of Egypt, now. Here is our new deliverer. Send him off to another country to become the son in law to another man’s wife who has another religion. This would be like sending off one of us to very unglamourous ways, to go settle in someone’s country and marry someone of an entirely different religion—a Buddhist or Hindu or Muslim or Mormon. We would think that there was much potential but now it is lost. Because we live from a place where God is building from our successes. But really, He is activating us through our defeats. Our losses are His gain. And our confusion is where He rests upon. Because it dismantles you. Then, if you are dismantled efficiently enough, and you are crying out, “Lord, I don’t know what is going on and I don’t care anymore. I don’t need answers, just help me.” He then
says, “Ok, we are ready, cause you won’t like My answer. You will love it, but you won’t be able to receive it, if I present it to you, so we will just have to do it. Just close your eyes and watch Me”. And BOOM! He starts to jettison us into a whole other world!

Pentecost was a whole other world!

Five things you can do to stay filled with the Holy
Spirit. They are:

  1. Pray
  2. Pray
  3. Pray
  4. Pray
  5. Pray

In my journey, of this repositioning into the place of having:

  • The access,
  • The authority,
  • The pleasure,
  • The delight of Father,
  • The enjoyment of God,

This is where I live in another world that continues to get larger in its scope and sequence, overtaking all other worlds that seek to try to contend to take me from that place. As I learn to seat in the heavenly, all that I have learned and know is, in some ways intellectually, but all experientially is:

Quiet Time

The first thing I covet and pursue every day is my quiet time. I must be with God. I’ve got to find Him. I’ve got to be with Him. Is He lost? No, I’m lost. If I stay away from Him too long, I lose my bearings and I get afraid. Once I get afraid, I go back into religion. I don’t want to go into religion but it is all I know. Control. I’ve got to control. But He doesn’t want us to control.

He says, “Don’t control. Just trust Me”.

We answer,.” I can’t trust you if you are too far away from me”.

He says, “You don’t have to be far away from Me. Find me.

How do I find You?

Go and pray. Seek Me.

For some of us, this is not a discipline we have developed. We wonder why we are so depressed. It is because we don’t spend time in God’s presence. His presence is happy. I always pray, until I get happy. If
I don’t get happy, it is because I didn’t pray far enough in. In the presence of God, there is fullness of joy. God is deliriously confident in Himself. He looks at you, as one that is never without hope, never one without opportunity, never one without possibility. If you get into His presence, the first thing He starts to do is throw life into the dead parts. He then starts talking about things that aren’t happening as though they already happened. He then starts expanding His communication and He just wrecks you! THEN, you can go through the day. Quiet

Corporate Time

The second thing is Corporate Time. I don’t know how many people who develop a quiet time and then become disengaged with the corporate body.

The other day, we had our son and his fiancé come up. They had just gotten engaged. The whole family came, it was Sunday, yet I just felt like I had to get to church. I couldn’t wait to get to church! I wasn’t even speaking this day. But I couldn’t wait to get to church because I wanted to get in the corporate anointing. I wanted to get in a place that I don’t possess. The only way I possess is when the body joins together. It is a special place that God provides just for the corporate gathering of His body. He wants to dwell in the midst of us and when He is in the midst of us, He does wonderful things that He doesn’t always do in the middle of me. I couldn’t wait because He always comes to His body. Any church—I don’t care who it is. He is finding a way of accessing it. When He starts breaking into Mosques and revealing Christ, when He starts going into synagogues, when He starts going into the Mormon temple, when He starts coming to places we don’t allow, when He goes into atheist meetings, we are going to freak out!

Just like they did in the Jesus movement. People thought, “How can they save those dumb hippies, those bare footed hippies? They have to get their shoes on before they come to church!” No. They won’t get their shoes on before coming to church—they had an encounter with God! They came to be with God and us. But the people didn’t know if they wanted to be with the hippies and God.

In many ways we have been shut down by our traditions and our positions and our mannerisms and our ways. But, the good news is, that by the time it is hitting the world, it will be hitting us too. There will be open doors and we will say, “Come on in”. Let’s just let God redefine everything. We know Jesus Christ as Lord. We know He died for our sins. Let’s go from there. We know Holy Spirit is doing things that we never thought He would allow to do. He is saving all people He could save. Let’s go from there. And it will be glorious!

But, until then, and while I grow in this, I love the corporate anointing. I can feel God in an Episcopal Church, a Catholic Church, a Baptist Church, and a Lutheran Church, because God will find His way into any gathering of believers, to the amount they will allow Him.

In our church, we are kind of “juicy”. Holy Spirit, what do you want us to do today? Prophecy, declare, dance, twirl—go for it! I just want to feel You! I want You to have access. I want You to be so big! Holy Spirit is so big! He is large and jolly. He is happy! He is the hope carrier of the Trinity.

  • Father is the Love carrier
  • Jesus is the Faith carrier
  • Holy Spirit is the Hope carrier

You may come to a place where you are so mad with your brother and Holy Spirit comes in and wants to dance. You are so mad at the song they are singing and Holy Spirit says, “Come on, let’s dance. Before long, you’re dancing!

I remember a song in the 70’s:

Oh, the Holy Ghost will set your feet a dancing,

The Holy Ghost will thrill you through and through,

Oh, the Holy Ghost will set your feet a dancing,

And set your heart a dancing too!

This is what Holy Spirit does. He is a partyer! Why is He? Because your brain is processing and it’s afraid. He gives us another drink of Holy Spirit and suddenly, we aren’t afraid anymore.

We’ve got to get drunk! We have to get out of our mind and into God again! Come on!

Quiet Time and Corporate Time – You can’t separate the two. They have to be together. More Quiet, but you can’t have Quiet without Corporate.

The three other things are unique understands of what happened to me with the Quiet and the Corporate.

Influenced Time

Whenever I am in the Presence during my Quiet Time and my Corporate Time, the first thing I want to do is I want to become influenced by it. I want to be affected. I want to feel. Why do people do drugs? They want to come under the influence. I want to allow Holy Spirit’s influence to affect me. So, if I am sitting there mad, and He wants me to dance, I want to think, “Well, I guess He doesn’t care about that bad person that I want Him to punish—let’s dance”. So, I want to feel the effect of His coming.

Because He is so optimistic and so positive, He just blows your little problems out of the world. He picks you up so high and has such a broad vision and talks about things that are yet to come, I want to feel that. I want to flow.

The Apostle Paul said, “Brethren, I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.” This means, “I allowed the heavenly vision to continually affect and influence me. Holy Spirit, Influence me. Take this cold, hard heart and make it soft and big again.”

Contending Time

Sometimes the influence is where He is taking you but there is too much contending. You will have contending time. I go and be with my Papa. I bring my presence into His presence by the veil of Jesus. I come and I enter in and engage. I praise Him because He needs to be praised because I need to praise Him. He isn’t an egomaniac that needs to be told He’s wonderful. I need to tell Him He is wonderful so I can connect back to wonderfulness.

So, I praise and sometimes the influence starts to come. He makes me smile again (when I didn’t want to smile). He is making me happy and full of joy, with a sense of overwhelming compassion and there may be tears. He is influencing me.

Sometimes, this doesn’t happen because all I have is the narrator. The narrator is telling me, “You stupid man! You are so lame! Do you think this will ever work? You continue to believe God, but He is never
going to help you…And, the narrator’s got my mind.

God cannot influence you if the narrator is talking to you. Satan is the evil narrator. This slanderer will take everything and accuse you of anything. Half of it is not true and the other half is. Holy Spirit says, “Hold your place.”

There are times when you feel like something is on the bottom of your shoe. You just feel blah. And it is just time to say,

  • I will praise Him!
  • I will rise up!
  • I will come into the place where He is.
  • You just start making declarations.
  • You start releasing sound!
  • You start decreeing over your life and unto God.

Praise is so powerful, because if you lifted up God in praise, you could start to attribute victory to you. This is your Contending Time. You will not be filled with the Spirit and not have the Devil bother you. Truth be known, you get filled with Holy Spirit and He takes you to meet someone you will have to meet anyway. Who is it? It is Lucifer, the fallen angel, who has access to all of fallen man and sons of pride. Pride is the
false counterfeit of righteousness. It is the way in which fear protects itself. Holy Spirit knows you are a big fraidy-cat, so better you meet him when Holy Spirit is around. A long time goes by and you weren’t even aware of this. We don’t know because we forgot to sing the song.

Oh, the Holy Ghost will set your feet a dancing,

The Holy Ghost will thrill you through and through,

Oh, the Holy Ghost will set your feet a dancing,

And set your heart a dancing too!

So we just complain that the church is so poor and breeched and wrong. We begin to hate the place, the people and everyone. We almost hate God. We are stuck!!! Sometimes, you just have to get up and say, “You know what? I want to tell you the truth.

  • The truth is, “JESUS IS LORD!”
  • The truth is, “I will overcome!”
  • The truth is, “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world”…

All I do is to take what I am feeling and I declare the opposite. However bad you feel, confess the opposite. Do you feel like you were living in shame and reproach? Then say, “Dear God, I’m going to know double honor like no one else. They are probably going to pick me up in a heavenly limousine. I have a new coat, a new tie, a new title and a new name! Whoa! That is who I’m going to be! That is who I already am!

Ha, ha, ha! Laughter is really big in heaven. He who sits in heaven, shall laugh. Do you want to sit in heaven? You’ve got to learn to laugh. Sometimes you don’t feel like it but all it takes is the wind to blow and your sail fills. And you laugh! You go out of mind limitations and into spirit unlimitedness. Holy Spirit starts filling you.

Exchange Time

Don’t leave the encounter without the experience captured. Prophecy to yourself. Write it down in a journal. What is God saying to you? If He tells you, “I’m lifting you up to make you a name in the earth”, then you start worshipping God the next day by saying, “Lord, I want to thank You for lifting me up to make me a name in the earth. Even if that means You send me to the bottom of the earth before You lift me up. I praise You for what You said. What You said is true. I engage in this spot. I take hold of this and say, Go for it Daddy!”

There is an exchange. You can feel the influence and you can enter into the contending, but if God doesn’t make an exchange, you’ve lost the purpose of the moment. The moment is to let go and let God. To
hear and to see—To those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. We turn in response and be healed.

Sometimes it is really clear what He is saying. He wants us to hold a certain posture or live in a certain place, to begin to study certain verses. He may want us to make a certain declaration. Sometimes it is more oblique. “I want you to be happy. That is your assignment—be happy. Don’t worry”.

The point is: If we allow the exchange to take place, we have now received something that we now carry it and you can go back there and visit it at the next meeting.

1. Quiet Time

2. Corporate Time

3. Influence Time

4. Contending Time

5. Exchange Time

Please imagine Holy Spirit coming in a new level and in a greater way. Imagine Him swirling around you, eclipsing all your loss, confusion and excuses. Imagine Him as the glorious one coming in anew. He is the only one with access to everything. Welcome right now into your heart.

Upcoming Events

Sunday June 7, 2015, 9:00 am: Guillermo and Graciela Romero, will share “God Loves the Poor, Calls Us to the Nations, and is Bringing His People Back to Israel.” Their ministry in Channel of Blessing, their work in Peru, and call to help the Jews in South America return to Israel, have given them a unique vantage point to see all this. This will be a rich time of faith and testimony.

Sunday 10:20 am: Prayer for the Nations—calling all believers to join in prayer for the nations. These 30 minutes of intercession of specific nations, states, and callings is the heart of Jubilee.

Sunday 11 am: I will be sharing, “The One and Only, Holy Spirit”. He is the finger of God who drives out Satan, He is the resurrection power that heals our bodies, homes, cities, nations. His dwelling place in us activates all the victory of Jesus Christ.”

Something wonderful is happening…The wind is blowing, the sound from heaven is erupting and hearts are awakening to His ministry again! Jesus said it was to our advantage that He went so that He could send the Holy Spirit. Come again Holy Spirit!

Monday June 8, 2015, 7:00 pm: Come into Corporate Prayer in the Soaking Room. There is room for you.


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