“As He prayed, the appearance of His face was altered, and His robe became white and glistening.” Luke 9:29

Jesus prayed, and His face changed, and His robe became white with pulsating light. Prayer does that. Prayer places us inside His glory, and soon, His glory shines upon us, in us, and through us. Jesus entered into the heavenly council with Elijah and Moses as they discussed His soon departure. Prayer does that. It brings us clarity about our future ahead.

The disciples were sleeping. They did a lot of that. When they awoke and saw the heavenly council and the glory of Jesus, they jumped to conclusions and carnal thinking. That’s when the bright cloud came and overshadowed them. The voice of the Father spoke, ”This is My beloved Son. Hear Him!”

What a prayer meeting. Today we see Jesus inside the glory of His kingdom through prayer. Prayer puts us in the proximity of visions and into the Spirit. Prayer awakens our perception to see and hear.

Every Wednesday, we climb the mountain of transformation and pray; from 6:00 am till 6:00 pm, we gather in the Sanctuary to pray and fast. Every Wednesday, Jesus shows up in the Spirit, and we enter into heavenly visions and experiences. Everyone is welcome.

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