During the next twenty days to Pentecost, there will be many encounters with the risen Christ and fulfillment in Christ. This Sunday, May 9th, is Mother’s Day and the second day the disciples along with Mary His mother had convened in the upper room for what would be ten days of prayer until the coming of the Holy Spirit. The mother of Jesus is waiting for the promise of the Father from her Son. Here in the upper room where forty days prior, where Jesus made a covenant, betrayal acted out, and the pride and boasting of the disciple’s loyalty, faithfulness, and greatness were at their highest. Now a meek and humble one hundred and twenty disciples and Jesus family prayed.

Sunday evening, May 16th, begins Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks. Here the barley harvest (the first harvest of the year) is coming to a close. At this time, at Naomi’s instructions, Ruth presented herself to Boaz at the threshing floor to be brought under His wing. Ruth 3:2. At the end of the barley harvest, her kinsman-redeemer became Her kinsman-redeemer husband. Shavuot is also the celebration of the giving of the law, as Moses descended Mount Sinai with the Torah. We know this feast as Pentecost.

Sunday, May 27th, is Pentecost in the Gentile calendar, which means the fiftieth day. As High Priest of God, Jesus coronated Melchizedek, translated “My King of Righteousness, My King of Peace.” Now exalted to the right hand of God and having received the Holy Spirit, He pours out the Holy Spirit upon His body. The Holy Spirit comes down as the New Covenant of Spirit, life, and righteousness. The harvest of souls has begun.

Three Sundays, Mother’s Day, Shavuot, and Pentecost. Each carries prophetic fulfillment in Christ for us. Promises fulfilled, redemption and renewal in inheritance and our marriage to Christ, and then the coming Holy Spirit. Mary, Ruth, and His church. Pray with me as we position our hearts in expectation, submission, and receiving. Miracles are at work.

Special replay of INHERITANCE from last Saturday is now available on YouTube. I encourage everyone to watch/listen to this Men’s Gathering, where worship went for an hour into prophetic breakthroughs and continued as the Lord decreed what we are to declare.

To watch, click here.

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