Seven-day Praise Challenge

In my life, I have found that when trials rest upon me, I can make God bigger, or make Him smaller. Well, I cannot make God smaller, but my unbelief will limit His greatness. God’s sovereignty and majesty are beyond my comprehension at any time.

As we saw in Job, it wasn’t till Elihu moved Job’s vision, off himself and his sufferings to the majesty and glory of the Lord, that then the Lord came in the Whirlwind and spoke to Job. Exaltation of the Lord brings the Lord into view and His voice to be heard. The Lord continued expanding Job’s vision until he dealt fully with Job’s pride. Job then saw the Lord with His eyes and repented in dust and ashes. Now, Job is in the double portion.

How big is God? How many steps ahead of us is He? Does He know where He is taking us? Will He bring us into glory in Christ? Will His promises be fulfilled in our lives? Is He able to perform His promises or can we mess them up? The answer to all the questions is a resounding, YES!

We will mess up His promises, but He will perform them. Right now, we are faced with many problems, many messes, and many fears in our nation, in Israel, in our hearts and homes. This is a perfect time to meditate, declare, praise, and exalt the Lord and His ability to perform His promises. Let’s make His praise glorious.

For the next seven days, let’s just praise the Lord! Praise the Lord for He is good, and His mercy endures forever. As we praise the Lord these next seven days, moving our eyes off ourselves, our problems, and our pain, God will be exalted in our hearts and swallow up fears, failures, and regrets.

All eyes on Jesus! All praise to the Lord! Our hope is in the name of the Lord! The sacrifice of praise is saying His name. His name is Jesus! Seven Days of Praise.


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