Living in promise is a walk of faith and patience. Patience is the part where hope either grows or shrinks according to the ebb and flow of our place in God. Meanwhile, God is in extreme REST, confidant in His promise and His ability to perform His promise at any time in all circumstances.

To live in His extreme REST, we must constantly recalibrate into His truth and presence. His truth makes us free and His presence fills us with joy, and here we rest. What happens when our circumstances grow faster than our promises are fulfilled?

When this happens, it’s time to let God get bigger. He is the Greater One. Our promises have been given the ability to adapt and grow larger than any circumstances we can find ourselves in. This is because they are in God.

Simply take a moment and consider Him larger, greater, and more powerful than all our problems, circumstances, and delays.

Next, see (with our imagination) the Lord doing what He said before, in the context of our life now. This allows divine hope to take hold and give a renewed blueprint of which our faith can take hold.

Abraham did this by glorifying God and becoming fully convinced that what He had promised He was able, (greater, larger, powerful) to preform what He has promised.

Let’s continue to imagine our promise being fulfilled in our circumstances now. See, feel, and ascribe to the Lord, in praise, His ability to fulfill all—now.

This is extreme REST. This is where God lives, and where we are learning to live.

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