John, the Beloved, wrote that the anointing we have received (the Holy Spirit) will teach us all things. The Holy Spirit is both referred to as the Spirit of grace and the Spriti of truth. Tuning our spirits to the Holy Spirit is easy when we say what God has already said – His Word – allowing it to be our point-of-contact. We often forfeit our place by not holding fast His word. Holding fast our confession of hope brings agreement with heaven.

It is when all things are contrary to our souls, and circumstances seem to being going the opposite direction, that our confession of hope becomes so powerful. Hope in God, in His word and in His promises, will gain the audience of the Holy Spirit.

So, when I find myself separated from the love of God, or His presence, or His favor, I have learned that I need to resubmit myself to His truth, His words, and His promises.

I resubmit by declaring to God, in prayer and praise, that His truth is true, His word is sure, His promises are yes and amen.

What I have learned in the last five years is that I am agreeing with God and his truth, His word, and His promises, not to change the circumstance but to change me. It is me, who needs to recalibrate, re-experience, and rehearse what God has said. When I do, the Holy Spirit (the anointing within) comes alongside my spirit and bears witness with my spirit His truth, His word, and His promises. Soon, I am persuaded again of the truth and find myself resting in His faithfulness.

Take a moment and locate your soul:

  • Where are you?
  • What are your feeling?
  • What are you thinking?
  • What are you seeing?

Next, take a moment and locate His truth, His word, and His promises regarding what you are feeling, thinking, seeing.

  • If they match: Give the Lord praise
  • If they don’t: Declare His truth, word, and promise aloud to the Father

Do this slowly, allowing yourself to

  • hear what you are saying,
  • feel what you are saying,
  • think what you are saying, and
  • see what you are saying.

Soon you will become aware that you are not by yourself. Someone greater than you has joined the conversation. The Holy Spirit is now rising up in agreement, amplification, and expansion. Watch, as your emotions, thoughts, and sight recalibrate back to God’s truth, word, and promise.

You are in agreement with God, and He is in agreement with you. It feels good.

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