Imagine what it would feel like if you could rid yourself of every encumbering thought and emotions that lock up your soul in internal struggles. Then continue to imagine your life totally uncluttered from the debris of yesterday, mishaps, misfortunes and failures. Imagine all debts canceled, both real and imagined. Then to finish this picture, imagine all consequences of your actions, and inactions and those of others, were released from pressurizing your soul demanding that they be made right. You have been made free and in their place—glory.

The ministry of the Spirit is to make all things right through Christ. The glory of redemption is that all things are made new in His glory. But even with all things made new, we can still clutter our life with things and over personalize ourselves. There is a saying in Real Estate, that to prepare your house for sale you should “de-clutter and de-personalize” you home. We get used to the junk in our lives and all the pictures on the walls. But to release something (even selling a home) we have to let it go.

This Wednesday, we are going to enter into a “Letting it go fast.” In the Spirt of Isaiah 58, we will “de-clutter and de-personalize” our lives before the Lord. In their place, the glory of the Lord will come. After all, He has purchased our homes/lives and is wanting to make them His. Removing old obligations, unfinished promises, failed projects and broken dreams while also releasing all who have contributed to these things is forgiveness—and His forgiveness is glory.

Read Isaiah 58, and practice each directive using it as your template to “de-clutter and de-personalize.” Wherever you are in this world Wednesday will be a day of out-with-the-old and in-with-the-NEW! Our sanctuary will be open from 6 am to 6 pm for prayer with a 4-5:30 pm corporate prayer time. If you want to read the second most amazing chapter in the Bible (for me) read Isaiah 34, and ask yourself, “What if?”

Lastly, if you want to learn more about the inexhaustible possibilities of forgiveness, click here to purchase my book on Amazon “A River of Forgiveness: Rediscovering the Depths of His Love”. I share about Isaiah 34 – – the Revival that might have been—along with the one that was.

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