We are joined to God in the love of Christ. Jesus came and identified fully with us, becoming our sin for us. Now, in His resurrection, we are learning to fully identify with Him in His justification, glorification, and love. To do so is easier when we understand the war that is waged over our union and the means used to try and separate us from the love of God.

Justification is the result of Christ becoming our sacrifice for sin. His blood answers all accusations and charges against us. Applying the blood to our trials, we wash our garments white. Accusations are trying to make us reconsider our justification, and worse, prove we are right. That leads again to making self right. We all know where that leads. Forgot? It leads to empowering sin everywhere.

Glorification is the promise of our future and the present place we are in. Instead of condemnation we are inside His glory. We worship from His glory, and in His light we see light. Condemnation comes over our place in His glory trying to force us to pay for our sins. Instead of living in His freedom it says we should carry our shame. Instead of enjoying His joy we should stay in sorrow and grief at our losses. Yes, they are real loses, but consider again our gain in these loses…Christ.

Union inside of His love is the place where we remain in all situations, trials, and temptation, whether we are doing well or not or whether we seem to be winning or losing. We are inside of God’s love for us in Christ. Love is a decision that God made, and nothing can separate us from His love. The battle comes through the paradoxical circumstances that themselves carry no love. They are outside but we are inside of Christ. Nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Abiding in Christ is more than a good place to be; it’s the only place to be . We have nothing outside of Christ, just as we have everything inside of Christ. Practicing living there – in Christ, our all sufficiency – is our job. The more we experience Christ, His words, and the Holy Spirit the more truth makes us free and keeps us free. Nothing can separate us.

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