We just got back from the UK and the CHOSEN camp and CCF in London. The Holy Spirit did so much to align all of us in His glory—transforming us into His image. It was glorious! There was so much manifested glory that transformation, restoration and renewal was everywhere—In stillness, in worship, in word and prophecy. It was everywhere, Jesus was everywhere by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I woke up one morning to the Lord speaking to me about the last phase of faith being “fully persuaded”, or as the NKJV version says “fully convinced.” When we become fully persuaded that God is able to perform His promises then we have finished the faith. We have come to completion—with or without sight.

Abraham found His faith in God’s Presence, hearing God’s voice, accepting who God had placed Him to be. Abraham stepped into Hope by believing in hope, to become whom God had placed him to be. He was placed by God sovereignly and became by God, through faith.

Abraham said, “No” to considering his circumstances as anything. Deadness, lateness, impossibilities—none of it matters with God! Abraham also said, “No” to doubting God’s promises through unbelief. Literally the Greek says, He did not “observe fully” his circumstances nor “separate thoroughly” the promises.

Instead, Abraham glorified God! He grew his faith in glorifying God and being thankful. He allowed Himself to be “fully persuaded” in God’s ability to perform. He grew His confidence in God’s ability, until it became a garment that he wore of expectancy in God’s ability, willingness and faithfulness.

Our God is able! Let Him renew your hope into new faith expectancy. Turn from what isn’t, to what has been promised. Become convinced of God’s ability to perform His promises, giving Him praise and thanksgiving. He is able!

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