When the lockdown started, I found myself praying in Christ. Here inside Christ, all was the same as the day before. His victory, His salvation, His love, His peace, His joy, all of it was as it had been before. It was the same. From this single place inside Christ, I brought the turbulent world; myself first, then my family, then our church family. As the world went inside their homes, I went further inside Christ. Safer inside was more than a slogan; it was a discovery. Salvation inside Christ. Safer inside Christ.

We started Wellness Teams to bring ourselves into Christ, along with our families, and those in our church. I found that rather than sorting out the confusion of the world pandemic, filled with fear and frustration, I went into the truths of in Christ until they were my world. If any man is in Christ, He is a new creation. All of salvation is inside Christ. Bringing my family inside Christ allowed me to see them as Christ had known them before time began. It is not that I know what He knows of their purpose and His workings. Instead, I can trust Him that He knows their purpose, and He is working. Rather than praying from the problem (perceived), or from heaven (position), I was praying in Christ (provision). I was praying inside Christ.

Next, we began the School of Jubilee session one DWELL to equip believers to dwell in Christ and His words to dwell in us. With Christ as our destination and dwelling with the Holy Spirit and belief in the truth as our means of discovery, we bring our hearts to believe and our mouths to declare our King. Jesus Christ is Lord. We believe with our hearts, confess with our mouths, enter through the Holy Spirit, and believe in the truth; and here we dwell.

Christ sits on the throne. He has all authority. He is the head of the church, His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all. He is the glorious Son of Man and the brightness of God’s glory, seen in His face shining in our hearts. From here we pray, rest, and reign.

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