“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5)


Happy New Year and Rosh Hashanah.

We are in a wonderful time of entering into the wild freedom that Jesus has bought for us. God is doing wonderful things apart from our works. Yes, we get to participate and live it out, acknowledging that we didn’t produce it. This freedom is not because of our righteousness, our godliness, our character, or our strength…or because we are a better person now than when we first got saved, or that God can finally trust us. The only people God trusts are dead people. But our souls are spent, they have avoided death, we have no will power or emotions to reinvest…Just one more time. But once that this is settled, we can agree, celebrate, and brag about “God’s huge ability”.

This is our powerful place…The “Whatever” side of confession. When we get to the place of, “It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it doesn’t matter what happens to us—it’s truth—period.” The fact that I heard what God said is a privilege. And when it happens, I realize that I didn’t do anything to produce it. I can’t do anything to bring it into fruition. I can’t do anything to guide God’s promise to me into its right place or completion. INCREASE IS FROM GOD!

So we must disengage our responsibility and engage God’s ability. How do I do this? I praise Him and I please Him—by telling Him—“What He said He can do.” He loves to be reminded of what He said.

Beloved, unbelief is so subtle and stinky. It slyly indicates that God has not been totally upright with what He said. The enemy also highlights your failure at that one juncture of time, which has now dismantled the eternal word of the universe from ever happening. This implies that we are so great. But, we aren’t. This is where our “self-esteem” must be on the cross. This may sting our soul, but we can feel so good, when we don’t have to be good.

Unbelief is so ugly because it subtly accuses God by our circumstances that say they need to be resolved for God to be true. Therefore, God is held hostage; and our life is held on hold, because we can’t go forward, because we have unresolved issues. How many of us just get stuck with “Until this things gets settled, I just can’t go on”?

My question is, “Why?” Just let it go, don’t claim it. It’s time for freedom from religion and the traditions of men, which are making the word of God null and of no effect. God will do what we say He can’t do. He will do it in ways that we say can’t be done that way. He will even use a person we say can’t be used. He only needs us to be hungry and thirsty, desperate, needy, humble and broken. God will change some of our circumstances but leave some just as they are because He wants to live there…in our weak places. Where God is really strongest, in our lives, is where we are the weakest in our own ability. We work so hard to get the weakness out of our lives, but it’s at these places that God says, “No, I want to live there. I want to live in your weakened spot.“ Just as Christ’s saving power worked through “weakness,” so God’s power is often most visible in the midst of our humility and weakness.

It’s time to welcome the fact that I really can’t get myself anymore loved by God than I already am. I am accepted just as I am. I urge you, ask Him to remind you of the words He has spoken over you and the promises He has made to you. Tell Him you can’t make any of it happen but you are secure in one thing—His love and faithfulness. Tell Him you trust Him and His ability. And rest assured that if you do everything wrong, that He is still faithful to perform the Word He has spoken over you. Let go of every thought or “tool” you have in your hand to accomplish your own life and pick up faith, hope and love. God is able.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, January 1, 6PM: This Wednesday ONLY – No service. Have a Happy New Year

Sunday, January 5, 9AM: I will share, Part 1 of “Enter into Your Inheritance!” Entering into the inheritance we have through Christ.

Sunday, 10:20AM: Prayer for the Nations. Join us as we agree with heaven and reign with Christ on earth concerning all that God has declared. We pray and nations yield. Click here to view the December prayer schedule.

Sunday, 11AM: I will conclude this 2 Part series, “Enter Into Your Father’s Heart!” This word will release us into 2014. I encourage you to join us for Part 1 and 2 of this series.

Wednesday, January 8 Noon-8:30PM: “Day To Pray” We invite you to join us as we set aside a day of prayer and fasting, in the Sanctuary, to seek and discover the heart of God for the upcoming year. You are welcome to any portion or all of it.

Grace and shalom,


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