There is an imminent coming of the Holy Spirit. Yes, He is already with us, but I believe He’s coming now, in full extravaganza mode, because the planet will not liberate without Him! He’s coming to unlock our hearts and to testify so magnanimously of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, that we will be shaken out of our old mindsets, repent, get free… and receive a fresh, new, joyful baptism.

About 5 years ago, God really began to change my life, where I started to value in a fresh way how the Holy Spirit spoke. The Lord told me, “I will call my people into their inheritance,” and He said it would be miraculous and powerful. “So, get ready,” He said. “GET READY!”  So, I tried to get ready. And then life became really crazy.

But have you ever noticed how the Holy Spirit gets super happy in the midst of “crazy”? He’s just not fazed by our circumstances! He just keeps encouraging us to live large, live happy. Why? Because He’s the happiest person we’ll ever meet!  The Kingdom is full of righteousness, peace, and JOY in the Holy Spirit, and “…the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit” (Romans 14:17; 15:13, NKJV).

I mean, He’s so full of HOPE!!! Holy Spirit can’t get depressed—how encouraging is that? And He can only think about the victory of Christ! He loves to bring dreams, visions and prophecy; He loves to magnify prophetic sound. He always is ready to illuminate, express, and expound upon the truth of Jesus. He comes to comfort; He comes to tell us we are not orphans. He is so FREE. He is so free. Effervescent, bright, full of substance, shining and radiant…

Honestly, He is just so much bigger than our “crazy”.

Besides being so happy, confident and unfazed, do you also notice how the Holy Spirit  always testifies of Jesus: “But when the Helper comes, whom I shall send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father, He will testify of Me.”  (John 15:26, italics added).

By testifying of Jesus, this is where the Holy Spirit starts to impart. The possibilities are limitless, really. We start to walk from where we’re bound to where we’re found, in Jesus: confirmed, supported, cherished, loved, and encouraged. The truth of our Resurrection life in Jesus then becomes continual cause for celebration, doesn’t it? The Holy Spirit seems to think so…HE started the Church with a party!

Party Time

Imagine: Pillars of fire came to rest on the heads of the disciples—I believe– with WORDS of their destinies dancing in the flames (see Acts 2). They were judged as being drunk as they spoke in other tongues, but here’s the truly offensive part: Drunkenness in the Spirit is even way more drunk than “regular” drunkenness! We lose all sense of self-consciousness, while God consciousness overtakes and frees us from our woeful inadequacies. What freedom! He wipes our tears, dismantles our trauma, jaded cynicism, and frustration. He explodes upon our scenes and, then ahhhh, here it comes: Fresh renewal! This can happen over and over again. He, the Holy Spirit, can do this. And He wants to.

In Sunday’s service, I saw fresh tongues of fire—with words of DESTINY–resting on each of your heads. I believe as you pray in tongues over the next several weeks, God will bring clarity for you. Hilarity brings clarity. And yes, God started His church with HILARITY.

As God sits in heaven and laughs (See Psalm 2:4), He’s a partier, but not obnoxiously so. He is possibly offensive—but only as He offends our slavery. Only as He offends anything that is not of Him. To unlock us from slavery, the Holy Spirit wants to testify of Jesus’ Resurrection life and fill us with such joy in His presence, such an internal party in Him, that we would experience Jesus, the one filled with more joy than anyone else, anywhere, for all time: “… Your God has anointed You With the oil of gladness more than Your companions” (Hebrews 1:9; Psalm 45:7). So too we, with Jesus, can be filled with joy, with eternal pleasures at the Father’s right hand (See Psalm 16:11). The Holy Spirit is here to help us experience this internal and eternal party! Imagine a place in Jesus where we can laugh at places that were once slavery and cruel bondage?

We need to learn to say, “YES”. But also… “I CAN’T DO IT”.

As we began our Acts of the Apostles series a few weeks ago, while the Holy Spirit highlighted messages on forgiveness, drinking Jesus, and lifting reproach off His people, He also reminded me of my dream from 3 years ago. If you weren’t here Sunday, feel free to have a listen by clicking here.

When Jesus says something about who you are, just agree, “This is who I am.” Don’t argue with Him! He definitely showed me, “This is who you are.” Yet my dream wasn’t a warning, nor was it even what will happen, it was an ENCOUNTER. In it, I discovered that He wants me to be needy, to acknowledge my neediness, and acknowledge that He comes in a way my mind is not prepared for. So, He invites me to repent: Have a new thought! Then, He can come.

He is offering us an invitation right now. An encounter.

In this time, I believe the Holy Spirit wants to break into our properness, all the things that bind, any religious thinking, and inject Jesus into us (like the syringe in my dream—one of those “Had to be there” moments if you don’t know what I am talking about!).  Because with this dream, I realized, “You are so coming. And I am so unprepared.”

Regardless, I sense there is so much more of the Holy Spirit that He wants to give to all of us. He brings us to see ourselves, yet ours is just the yielding to Jesus. We can be angry and obstinate at first, but still, the invitation stands: “You never know what I can do unless you can just run with me. Let go of all your calculations, your exit plans, your layers of fear, your walls of protection and control”. Because we can get so irate, suspicious, and offended, can’t we?  We have that tendency to save and protect, because we simply don’t understand.  We’re so frightened and protected. But how freeing that He is not intimidated by our chaos or our crazy!

Now, we get to learn to say “YES”.

As we say “yes”: forgiven, freed, and healed, a glorious repentance begins. A thought we hadn’t thought, maybe even a thought we let go of, then becomes a new thought. With a thought comes a turning, a conversion; then a forgiving, a releasing; then comes a baptism in Holy Spirit. Maybe it’s dramatic, maybe subtle. But one thing is for sure: It feels like Jubilee! (See Leviticus 25; also, Luke 4 and Isaiah 61, where Jesus sets the captives free!). Freedom from where we’ve been captured, indebted, or enslaved; freedom where what was lost, gets returned; freedom where whatever is owed, is forgiven.

The sons of God are manifesting. Are we turning our faces from Him? Because He’s starting to barrel towards the earth. Holy Spirit is coming! We’re humbling ourselves to say we can’t do this without you, Holy Spirit—Don’t let us shut you down, Lord. Your freedom intimidates and freaks us out, God, but we want You, as You choose. It’s challenging, so please help us. May we recognize this moment in time, in our day…the wonderful movement of the Holy Spirit.

Here He is, Holy Spirit–such a huge communicator, using lavish props: signs, wonders, prophecy, exhortation, demonstrations, miracles. He is so supportive, but also offensive: “Let’s have a party!” He shouts. He is The Drama King! Because of Jesus, He celebrates the victory of Jesus so largely, so confidently. We’re going to celebrate, too…Our Lord’s victory swallowed death, when it appeared that death had swallowed Him. Now He does the same for us…wow, that is something to party about!!

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