Limitations and restrictions seem to be everywhere. Wear this, can’t do that, have to be here, not there, outside not inside. It’s enough to make anyone angry, or afraid, or both. For me, I am finding limitations as invitations to enter into the new with Jesus. Restrictions are redirections into the revelation of Jesus Christ. Why Jesus Christ? He is the one doing the shaking with His voice inside His word.

Three years ago, I heard the Lord give Psalm 2 and 110 as decrees of Jesus and the promises made to Him fulfilled through us. Not by might nor by power but by the Spirit. In these last few months these Psalms, along with Psalm 45 and 24, are my declarations of Jesus and His reigning in this hour.

Taking scripture and making it our script, we step out of the fray and into His sovereignty. Declaring decrees for Jesus unlocks our hearts to see what is happening through the eyes of the Spirit. Declaring the decrees of Jesus gives us ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. Believing with our hearts shifts intentions and renews faith to turn and encounter Jesus. It’s that simple.

Psalm 2 and 110 are quoted throughout the New Testament and form the foundation of faith in the overcomer Christ. This Wednesday at 6:00 pm, we are taking our Midweek conversations into the parking lot and talking with God. Outside, socially distancing, and mask-wearing, we will take our limitations and restrictions and enter into intercession and worship over California, the United States, and the world. The service will be live outside in the parking lot and online. We will declare the decree that the Lord has said to Jesus!

The bonus, we get to see each other in the love of Christ.

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