When we entered into Christ we died. We died to the law of sin and death. We became born from above, and where our life is hidden with Christ, in God. Yet still, we must function, live, and do life in a fragmented broken world where corruption and decay touches everything through its lusts. Jesus said do not fear I have overcome the world. Jesus left us with His joy and peace, the first witness to our new identity in Christ. He gave us His righteousness, and Spirit of life, and there He framed His kingdom authority. The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Romans 14:17

 As we bring ourselves to Spirit of life in Jesus Christ, we learn to draw life in our spirit. His word becomes water that washes our minds clean and helps discern from where we are coming.

Are we coming from our spirit or our soul? Is this our flesh or spirit? Our old man, or is this the new man? The word of God comes like water and like a sword separating ourselves from ourselves, giving us His wholeness, as we enter into rest. We’ve all felt times where our emotions are out of control, or when we have irrational thoughts, compulsive behaviors and even self-loathing and hatred. What is this? We love God He loves us. How can these feelings and thoughts exist in Christ?

They exist because they are in us, in the broken places in our lives unable yet to rest in Christ. Fear puts us to flight, sorrows weighs us down, and doubt divides everything that should be easy. This is where His word, heard and meditated on, brings wholeness because it washes away the lie and brings us into the truth. The lie?—We are self-sufficient and therefore responsible for ourselves. The truth?—Christ is our sufficiency and His victory—His responsibly. We believe, we receive, and we yield to His triumph.

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