Love is everything! It is our maturity in revelation, prophecy, commandments, fruit, and seeing face-to-face; we will be consummated in love. But , we can love because we want too, or will too. We love to the degree we have been loved. We love to the degree we have found His comfort of love in tribulations and forgiveness of our sins. Yes, we love well. It is because somewhere – we have been loved well by God.

Our accuser knows this and seeks to separate us from God’s love, but he can’t because there is nothing that can separate us from God’s love. Why? Because He has justified us – in the face of our accuser. And, He has glorified – us in place of our condemnation. It is only when we listen to the accuser, consider his argument, and either try to disprove his accusation or fix what we are failing at, that we become aware of separation. Not from God, but from our ability to abide in His love.

Face-to-face with God will bring the maturity of the ages, and the consummation of love in His body. Worshiping God, in truth of His love, brings us face-to-face with His love, moving us from the glass, that we are seeing through darkly, to the face of God. It moves us from the face of our accuser and into the never ending love of God.

Upcoming Events

Sunday November 22, 2015 9 am: Gino will share: “Gino’s Bloopers. Learning to Navigate through Life’s Twists and Turns.”

Sunday, 10:20 am: Nations Prayer – Join us for thirty minutes of world changing prayer as we lift up the Nations of the earth each month. Now, more than ever we must pray.

Sunday, 11 am: I will be sharing “Experiencing LOVE Eternal”. Love is so great that it cannot be fully known, only continually known, as we discover new dimensions of the love of God that surpasses all knowledge. We can’t “do” this love, but we will become joint heirs with Christ in the love of God from the beginning. My life is forever being changed by worshiping God, beholding God, and seeing God in His love. For love is of God and God is love.

Wednesday November 25, 2015 6pm: There will NOT be a Builders Series service this week. The next session will be on December 2.

Wednesday, 7pm: We will be having our Give Thanks service. Join us for an evening of Thanksgiving for all Jesus has done for us.


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