We had an amazing time together Saturday with the men at our INHERITANCE Gathering. First, we went through “Teach us to Pray.” The Lord’s Prayer that He taught His disciples. Taking each of the six sessions of prayer and expanding them with scripture and honesty. If you haven’t picked up your book “Teach us to Pray” yet, they are available at church. While the men practiced in groups of three, I led those online into each section of prayer. The intimacy of my prayer life came through the sessions and is now available on-demand. Please watch INHERITANCE – TEACH US TO PRAY and revive your intimacy with God.

To watch Teach us to Pray online, click here.

Love energizes faith. Love is a choice we make and a place we abide in. Jesus abided in the Father’s love and commanded us to abide in His Love. By faith, we accept His love and receive His love, and then in this experiential hope in His abiding love, we love one another. We are loved so that we can love. Jesus loves us so we can love like Jesus. Love is of God.

Sunday, June 13th, we are having our first “Welcome to our Family” lunch. Everyone is invited, and our focus is those who are new to our family. Also, since the Pandemic, Jubilee has become a New Church, inside His New Creation, within the New Covenant inside Christ, and so really every one of us is new to Jubilee.

Cammy and I want to share our story, introduce our leadership team, and bring everyone into the family of Jubilee. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ has a destiny for each member of His body at Jubilee, to love one another in Christ as we are loved extravagantly in Christ. Fatih, hope, and love. Love is the greatest – because God is love.

Lunch will be immediately after service in the Café.

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