The days between Christmas and New Year’s is a wonderful week, for me. A time to rest a bit from all the holiday festivities and look toward a New Year of possibilities and promise. Hope is in the air. Hope is in the Holy Spirit.

On January 1, 2023, we will begin the new year with worship. God has chosen to begin with a worship gathering and to conclude 2023 on December 31st with His church gathering to worship. Inside this year, God is going to begin fulfilling the prophecy given concerning His Servant the BRANCH – Jesus Christ in His fulness.

These prophecies found in Zechariah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Hosea, speak of the glorified Messiah as King and Priest branching out from His place, building His temple, bearing the glory, sitting, and ruling on His throne.

His branching out is us, His branches, sharing the life He has given in the ways we have to give. Each of His members sharing their part causing the growth or the body in love.

Picture our Christmas Party multiplied over in settings that are both natural and supernatural. The love and life of Jesus Christ flowing from His body, glory, and community, spreading out from the head.

After the New Year, we are going to gather on Saturday, January 14th to share, love, and branch out. Giving, loving, and letting His life be expressed through us.

New Year’s Day, we will worship and enter into this year of worship, year of forgiveness and year of love. We already began at our Christmas party; His river of life is flowing.

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