Last Wednesday’s Christmas Party was a demonstration of the generous Spirit of God. In our coming together to give, we came into the heart of God’s love.

It began with an idea, to give away what we have and the generosity of the Holy Spirit. We gathered teams to serve in eight stations, nine counting our Prosperous New Year Food. There were gifts, prayers, scriptures, and blessings of salvation in our stations.

The plan was simple – “Give it all away.” Money, gifts, words, communion, nations prayers, prophecy…everything. We hoped that we were embarking on a new prototype of gathering, and I believe we did. Gathering to give, bringing our part to share, and causing the growth of the body in love.

Thank you, everyone, who came, gave, received, and gave again. Christmas is this week; let’s continue to share His love with our families.

We will worship on Christmas Eve from 5 pm to 6 pm for a candlelight service. We will begin in the Sanctuary and finish in the parking lot with candles and carols.

To watch live, Click Here

Christmas Morning Service will be from 10:00 am to 11:15 am. There will be children’s ministry. God is giving us His presence as we worship Jesus, in His fullness, as both Lord and Christ.

To watch live, Click Here

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