“Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.” (2 Corinthians 2:14)

We are in a moment when Holy Spirit is going to come again to empower us. Let’s pray in agreement:


Father, we come to You and know that You cause moments to shift for King Jesus, Who causes a sound that was not heard come alive again, inside of a bride, who may have fallen asleep or overwhelmed by the circumstances of this life.

Lord, we ask You, that the seed that has fallen into our hearts come alive afresh and anew. Not the seed that was trampled underfoot because we didn’t grasp it and was picked up by the birds, or the seed that grew up with excitement but had no root to endure, nor the seed that grew up in the midst of weeds, the cares of this world, the lust of other things and was choked—We are asking You for the seed that was sown in good hearts—hearts that You have prepared. You have never been put in a position where You didn’t know what to do. You are God! You always know what You are going to do. You’re involved and actively moving.

You are reclaiming all of the land of the birth and building of Your body. Your church will rise and Jesus will be seen. Jesus! The One and Only Savior, Liberator, Redeemer, the One we preach, the One we follow, the One who is the Alpha and Omega, the One who holds the keys of Hades and death, the One who is not moved, the One who carries the scroll, who opens history and moves it forward!

May the sound of our voice be heard—-May the hellish move to kill, steal and destroy be dismantled, spiritually and physically right now through the displacement with the rising of love—Your LOVE.

Give us the baptism of Holy Spirit! Liberate a people who can’t liberate themselves—set Your people free from captivity who are unable to set themselves free. You are coming in a greater way and dimension than ever before. You are coming with salvation, healing, identity, with calling and inheritance, remitting of sin and the opening of captivity. You said You will do this because we can’t do it for ourselves.

As this remnant, this little house that You put on a journey who’s builder and maker is God, I pray that You would release the sound that would call us alive again—everyone of us on our journey. Lord, make what You have done and who You are alive in us, now! In Jesus name – Amen

We are going on a journey with Jesus. In the bible, there is no celebration of anything, other than Jesus, in the New Testament. We are just here to glorify Jesus. He’s everything!

The only time Jesus ever stopped and took an inventory of a Church, there were six of them that didn’t show up very well and only one of them got a passing grade. He said “You have little strength and you have not denied My name and I’m going to open doors you can’t shut and I’m going to shut doors you can’t open”.

We have a glorious King. This is all really about Jesus. Recently, when a church member passed away, the Lord’s clear statement to me was, “The day of people being called to be saved is changing to the day of “’Come follow Me.’”

And the sound of evangelism is moving from, “Have you received Jesus as your Lord and Savior?” to “Are you following the Lord, as He’s calling you forward?” And it would be for the first-time hearer “Come follow Me”, as Peter heard when he was mending his nets and working with his little fledgling business. He had been in some of Jesus’ meetings. Now, Jesus came by and said, “Come follow Me” and Peter left everything.

How disappointed Peter was in denying the Lord after he promised he would even die with Him. Peter couldn’t even hold himself up in front of a little servant girl. Jesus then spoke to him, about loving by feeding, caring and nurturing. Jesus said to him, “Peter, when you were young, you did whatever you wanted to do; but you’re going to get to a point where you don’t get to really do anything you want to do. Someone’s going to take your hand and they are going to lead you where you don’t want to go”. Jesus then spoke of a death that would glorify Christ.

So Jesus was now calling Peter into the future. At the end of that, He said the same word He said at the beginning. He said, “Follow Me.”

Peter looked around, because now there was history, there was a journey, he had been a part, there was also John, who has been a part of the team as well, but he was kind of different. And, what about Jesus, and His classic way of separating things from “self” to Him? Jesus said, “Well, what if I want to favor him all his life and bring him to heaven without him dying? What’s that to you? You follow Me.”

This capacity of God to let go is just huge. When we can step into the future, by letting go of the past, we have an unlimited future in front of us. Our future is never changed, because it was in Christ before the foundation of the world. It was not something decided when we got saved, nor is it something decided, week-by-week, by how we do. It was all purposed in Christ, in the Father, before the foundation of the
world. It’s inseparable.

John1:14-18 – And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. 15 John bore witness of Him and cried out, saying, “This was He of whom I said, ‘He who comes after me is preferred before me, for He was before me.’” 16 And of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace. 17 For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. 18 No one has seen God at any time. The only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared Him.

This is the first advent. What we beheld in this is two wonderful things:

1. The Glory of Jesus, in reflecting and declaring God the Father, was full of grace and truth.

2. Prior to Jesus, the reflection of God through the Law, came through Moses.

Now, there is a higher, more perfect reflection or truth of substance. He was the substance of God, now is being shown to us in Jesus and of His fullness we’re receiving, and He
says ‘grace for grace’.

In the bible, where it says that we received the gospel and we’re not ashamed because in it we are communicating faith-to-faith. And there’s a talk about going from strength-to-strength. 2 Corinthians 4, says that we go from glory-to-glory.

But those are connecting words. This one is an exchanging word. It’s not an addition word. In other words, grace is always sufficient for the season. There’s always a “new grace” for the next season. And coming into the “next grace” is just as important as trying to maximize the grace we’re in.

We aren’t accumulating grace – grace is being provided for us. Grace is not something we gain by our actions. It’s not something we earn. It is something that is given to us. It’s the sum total of what salvation is – by grace we are saved through faith and that not of ourselves. It is the gift of God, not of works lest anyone boast.

So we’re literally saved by a gift—a graciousness, a charisma.

We love the bible. Without it we would just be sitting ducks, taken down by circumstances. I’ve been taken down many times because that Word wasn’t close to me.

Revelation 17:14—These will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful.”

Can you hear that? “And those who are with Him”… This whole thing is about just journeying with Jesus. Follow. Where are You.

Yesterday doesn’t even count – it’s just part of the path; and as long as I am with Him, then I am becoming. Jesus is transforming me. That was the promise. “Follow Me and I’ll make you become.” And so that’s why it’s so painful because Jesus doesn’t stop anywhere, He just keeps moving us toward eternity and in eternity, and in our calling. But I love this because it says those who are with Him are called, chosen and faithful.

1. Calling is where we come alive to the voice of God… to eternity that’s inside… to the provision of Christ that brings us into being justified and glorified. We just say ‘Yes.’

2. Chosen is the process of, I believe simply of making this choice over and over and over again. Saying ‘Yes’ every day. You know, we make a choice to serve God all our life but we have to choose that choice again every day.

3. Faithful—That choosing, or yielding – because so much is just yielding – consummates in what God calls faithful.

And everybody that’s with Jesus when He’s coming in His glorious appearing will be Called, Chosen and Faithful. Jesus said, “Many are called, but few are chosen.”

After our choosing, we carry ourselves in that choice over time, and God calls that faithful. It’s not really a measurement of how well you did, as much as how you handled it.

Little strength, kept My word, don’t deny My name, now I’m setting you as a pillar inside My temple—Go figure. You know, it’s impossible in our own ability to do any of this. Part of our discovery is that we can’t do what God told us to do. We can only turn to God, have Him affect us, heal us and all of a sudden what He said, He starts to do with us. This is freedom. It’s a freedom when we realize that whatever God is going to do is going to be after we have yielded to His death – and our death – so that He can bring His resurrection and our resurrection. Revelation 19:11– I always like looking at the end of the story, don’t you?

Now I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse and he who sat on him was called Faithful and True. And in righteousness He judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. He who was clothed with a robe dipped in blood and His name is called the Word of God.

We saw that in John 1, right? And the armies in heaven [that’s you and me] clothed in fine linen white [you see we’ve made them clean by the blood of the Lamb, Revelation 7] follow Him on white horses. I don’t know why horses, but we’ll learn to ride. Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of fierceness of the wrath of almighty God and He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

Now that’s the glorified Christ in His return with His bride.

Let me just point out a little thing that God showed me many years ago:

The First Advent, we see Him as the only begotten Son of God from the resurrection, ascension, and intercession of Jesus – from that point on, from the birth of the Church He is the firstborn among many brethren. Therefore we are now identified with the resurrected Christ, not the revelation of God in the Man. Which is in 1Corinthians 15, we’re moving from the first Adam into the second Adam. The second Adam is a life giving spirit.

The world is not waiting for us to come up with anything that we can do to save the world. All the world is waiting for is the revelation of the sons of God. Which means that all the world is needing is the liberation of the people of God.

When we are liberated, the planet’s liberated. When we are free, the planet’s free. And all other freedom starts breaking forth. That’s why the war over anybody who gathers under His banner is intense.

If we lose that place or give up our place, and yield that place back over and say, “Oh, it doesn’t matter, who cares, it’s too hard , I don’t know”, then that void opens the door for darkness to continue to prevail. But now, God is beginning to reveal Himself and liberate us.

You know, to make God happy and for heaven to join our party, all we’ve got to do is one thing—that is repent. Please don’t hear this with a religious mindset. God forbid you hear it in the religious mindset. It means: to think another thought, a different thought. Consider it anew. Look at something differently than you looked at it before and so then be able to see truth. And in seeing truth we’ve awakened to our senses. We wonder how we got here. And we realize that we don’t need to be here because our Father has done a wonderful thing…and the journey begins. That’s conversion.

All His Kingdom is built on is repentance and conversion which releases redemption, remission and inheritance.

God delights when we’re receiving and we delight when we are receiving.

Here’s the good news. In the First Advent, we saw Jesus as full of Grace and Truth. When Jesus comes back in the Second Advent we now we see Him as Faithful and True. Grace becomes Faithfulness.

When that happens, He’s going to sum everything up: every promise ever made, everything that He initiated, everything that He ever started, and everything He started in us, the body of the Lord Jesus—everything. Everything that is in Christ is going to be gathered into one. All things in Christ will be given, from heaven and earth, back to the Father.

When that is done, the one thing that Jesus will be known for is not the grace of His season of salvation, but of the faithfulness of the completion of His salvation. You see, grace is what I live from and continue to advance with, but God our Father will perform every word He promised—EVERYTHING!

Right now He’s using it to transform us, to impart the nature of God where we cannot become like God unless God speaks into our life and we journey with Him.

> Now let me tell you what Jesus said. I’ll show you this in Psalm 84……

We are not in a Self-Help movement. God is killing us. There’s no process in that at all. Each of us are simply a pilgrim, a journeyman that is on a journey. Let’s take the word for process and just remove it and use the word pilgrimage, because we are on a journey. We are walking through space and time. The whole purpose is to discover Jesus Christ as we come into the Father’s house. We’re seeking a city whose builder and maker is God. It really is so simple. It liberates us from ever having to take a snapshot of our current situation and asking, “How am I doing God?” He doesn’t even look at our circumstances to determine how we’re doing, He looks at our heart. And the triumphant-ness of Christ is that He can carry us on.

Psalm 84:5—Blessed is the man whose strength is in you, whose heart is set on pilgrimage. As they pass through the valley of Bacha, [which means weeping] they make it a spring. The rain also covers it with pools [which is the word blessings]. They go from strength to strength, each one appears before God in Zion.

Do we understand this?

Our journey is simply that we are going to go through bad stuff. And, by the time we come out of it, we’re going to turn it into good stuff. We’re going to go through what is the hardship, but by passing through, we’re going to turn it into a pool of blessing. The word pilgrimage is where we get the word highway.

Isn’t Jesus just glorious? This King of Kings!! He is so good!! He’s coming.

When He said to me in May and He appeared to me for 3 days, we began to walk in counsel… you see my whole relationship with God has been: the Father through Jesus Christ, but the Father has been my fellowship, my place of rest and refuge.

Jesus began to speak about what He was coming to do and how I would yield to Him and work with Him and partner with Him. In my mind I thought I can’t wait to see how Jesus and I start doing stuff. I went to Thailand and I saw a manifestation of God coming in and starting to shift things.

But then, what happened, was as soon as I began to be with the Father, I began to behold Jesus.

I came back from England and I said, “Everyone, just as a way of learning the glorified Christ, take Revelations 1 and just behold Him. Just go inside and see this Glorious One.”

Next thing I know, several days later, I’m being accosted by the glorified Christ. And accosted in a good way. He’s appearing! He’s inside the scripture and I’m going inside the scripture and it gets bigger and bigger. How big is: “I have the keys to Hades and death?” How big is “I am the Ruler of all the kings of the earth?”

Talk about thinking how to pray differently. I’m not talking about “Oh my God – I hope we can get a coalition somewhere that will deal with our problems—No!” That’s humanity dealing in the midst of awful, treachery. It’s humanity upon humanity. This will not save this planet.

What will save this planet are people that are saying, “Wow Jesus, You did amazing things when You were on the earth the first time, how much more amazing is it going to be as You appear in Your Church the second time! Come on Lord, let’s just shift some stuff. Let’s turn some things differently. What do you want to change? What do you want to not have happen? What do you want to have happen? I’ll agree with You. I’m a priest now, reigning on the earth with you. I don’t understand that. I’m not qualified, I’m just pilgrimaging, and I’m just passing through. This is my time and my season so– “What do You want to do today, Jesus?”

I thought we’d start working in a new intentionality and all I’m encountering is a glorified Christ. Everywhere. He’s radically shifting my entire mindset. I cannot look at the world the way I looked at it, where anything is all that treacherous to the purposes to the kingdom or diabolically stopping the kingdom from advancing. The only thing that’s hindering the advancement of the kingdom is the revelation of Jesus Christ inside of us…. To be awakened inside – the love of God that’s so overwhelms us, being empowered with God, in such a way, that we can go lay down our lives without any consideration, because there really isn’t anything we care about, We are so intoxicated with the glory, the love, the mercy and the kindness… We just love Jesus! We are so happy to love Jesus. He’s everything. We find Him, He calls us, as long as you keep hearing His voice saying “Follow Me,” and you’re walking through your stuff and He keeps saying “Follow Me,” that’s everything. There’s nothing more. There’s no place on the planet. There’s no rest stop you’re trying to get to. It’s great to abound and it’s just as fine to be abased. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Our victory is not mastering the world we are in – it’s mastering the world within. Remember that.

Jesus is able to take any people any place triumphantly.

2 Cor 2:12 12 Furthermore, when I came to Troas to preach Christ’s gospel, and a door was opened to me by the Lord, 13 I had no rest in my spirit, because I did not find Titus my brother; but taking my leave of them, I departed for Macedonia. 14 Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.

A typical Christian mindset would say, “I was in an awesome opportunity for gospel expansion, but I had a personal issue I had to go deal with. So I left the awesome opportunity to go deal with my personal issue.

Well, no matter what we do, God always leads us in triumph. In our own lives, we mess up many times but He still always leads us in triumph.

”How?” We may ask. I don’t always see triumph in what I’m doing. But He would answer, Your picture of ‘triumph’ is too small. My triumph is a lot bigger than your life. It is very big. It’s larger than all your decisions, all your experiences, and all your sins, your past, your present and your future. It is all complete, all encompassing, and perfect. Learn to find My triumph in everything you do. This is the pilgrimage—turning valleys of weeping into pools of blessing.

Triumph is not a single lane highway that if we stay inside of it, we are in it. It’s a super highway, expansively large through Jesus Christ.

In my meditations of God saying, You cannot get outside of My triumph. Do you really think that Your choices could undo My triumph? I’m leading you in triumph. If you’re in a gospel expansion movement—awesome. If you are finding a friend—fine. If you are in a “funk”, you will be there, but inside of your entirety of life, you cannot get outside of My triumph.”

The only other time this “triumph” is used. In Col 2, Jesus is told that as He ascended out of hell, He made an open display of the principalities and powers in a raucous, triumphant, gleeful, loud, victorious party as He dragged the powers of hell into an open display.

This is how Jesus thinks of us! This is how He sees our journey. Our journey is that we are being led in triumph! If we are stuck, just let it go and go on. We WILL be led in triumph—no matter what!

Upcoming Events

Sunday, September 28, 9AM: Julie Anderson will be sharing. Julie’s life in the Spirit is vibrant and filled with experiences of heaven and the realms of the Holy Spirit. Together with her husband Rod, they lead multiple ministries in London, England, and the world.

Sunday 10:20AM: Prayer for the Nations – It’s time to pray and reign with Christ on earth. Join us as we proclaim the glorified Christ and His reign.

Sunday 11AM: Rod Anderson will be sharing. Through Rod’s profound depth of God’s word, the Lord transforms the atmosphere. We hope you will be with us for the entire morning to drink of these rich gifts.

Monday, September 29, 7PM: Champions Prayer Gathering, we will be meeting again to pray for the upcoming fall conference,Highway 35… God is doing radical shifts right now. Let’s partner with Him right now and cry out in joy, faith and agreement with our King. All are invited to pray with us from 7-8:30PM.


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