Pentecost Declarations
Pentecost is this Sunday! Prayer to Pentecost continues through Saturday at 3:00 pm on Facebook Live. The sound of our voices proclaiming God’s word is growing in clarity and power. Thanks to everyone who has given their voice to God’s word. Click here to hear the declarations.

Pentecost Service
We are focusing our service toward our online church. We are only allowed seventy people inside the building and are asking that we all make room in our hearts for those who have been most isolated during this pandemic by staying home. With faith and expectancy, please join us online so that others who need to be in church most can come.

We will have social distancing seating on either side of the sanctuary, while using the center of the sanctuary for filming the service. Masks are encouraged. Those who are older or with underlying health issues and concerns should remain at home. If we reach the seventy-person limit, we will not be able to receive you into the building. So again, there is a great grace to receive all that the Lord has promised us in Pentecost online rather than onsite.

 Watch Parties are becoming a new way of gathering as the church
We are seeing a creative and powerful idea taking root; a watch party. Inviting a few people to watch the service online and enabling safe distancing at home in a small group setting.  Pray about hosting a party.

Click here to watch via our YouTube channel.

School of Jubilee – DWELL begins Tuesday, June 2nd at 3:00 pm

Believing brings righteousness, following Christ brings discipleship, and dwelling IN Christ brings dominion. We believe, we follow, and we dwell. To dwell IN Christ is an art and our inheritance in Christ. Every Tuesday and Thursday for the next six weeks, I will share the secrets of abiding in Christ, demonstrated in Jesus’ life and in the lives of His apostles after Him. The classes will be live Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:00 pm on our School of Jubilee Facebook page and will remain on the page for later viewing and review. Please register on our webpage so we can pray for you.

Click here to register.

Click here for the School of Jubilee Facebook Page and to follow us.

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