Our Sunday service was glorious. We had three generations of evangelists present without planning, as well as three generations of pastors. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was in our midst. We had a founding couple who had just moved back from northern California after retiring, returning to worship and serve in Jubilee. Convergence of generational blessing present with many new families added to the Lord’s body. All these people represented the Lord’s mercy and faithfulness, as none of this was planned… but God.

My message went an entirely different way – the Father called us to His Son. Relationship inside Christ, not soulish, but in the Spirit and in Truth. Father called us out of our places of despair, neediness, and frustration and back to worship the Son. The Spirit of the Lord was so present that I was convicted of my unbelief as I spoke. It was amazing to declare the decree and be set free.

The Holy Spirit called us to Jesus in submission to His overcoming victorious person–finding Christ in our tribulations, not demanding Him to remove our problems. The overcoming Spirit of Christ came into the Sanctuary, calling us off the “Soul Train” and back into “Heart Pilgrimages.” Salvation, baptism of the Holy Spirit, and newness of life flooded the hearts of everyone present as we prayed and worshiped.

A charge went forth to meet the Lord in His victory in prayer. A new anointing for personal prayer and ascending ministry in Christ:  the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Expect the Spirit of the overcoming Christ to be present in your hour of prayer every day this week.

To watch and receive the anointing of last Sunday, click here.

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