I can hear the captain speaking: “We have begun our initial descent as we make our FINAL APPROACH before landing. Please fasten your seat belts, and make sure your tray tables are in their upright positions; ensure all carry-on items are securely stowed either underneath the seats in front of you or in the overhead bins.” Jesus, the Captain of our Salvation, is speaking!  He has been this way before, and He is excited to show us His way of salvation!

During our Walk with Jesus series for the last eight weeks, what has most impressed me is the fearlessness of Jesus! His love knew no fear and His authority no limits. He was the one calling all the shots– not the religious, not the politicians, not the people, and certainly not the devil. Jesus was large and in charge, yet He came humbly and with all lowliness. What has changed me in this Walk with Jesus season has been a deeper knowing of Jesus’ fearless submission to the Father while He swallowed up all of sin and death…Seeing Jesus fully led by the Spirit, systematically fulfilling prophecy, freeing captivity, and demonstrating fearlessness in His love for us.

I have experienced in my heart that He came to rescue me, and you, and all of us.

Taking these walks with Jesus in the last weeks of His assignment on earth has changed me. I now see even more than ever that all of our lives are inside of His prophetic scriptures. I can trust God’s sovereignty and rest inside of His love for me. I can expect the Father to hear me, and in Jesus’ name, have what I ask.

I am on an assignment, too. So are you. We are all in the Final Approach, and what I have learned in watching Jesus is that what is His will be ours as we return with Him.

Beginning this Sunday, Palm Sunday, we will walk inside the most glorious, prophetic week in the history of mankind. A week like no other, and the Lord has promised us this will be an Easter like no other! We have prepared a play, Final Approach, which spans the Passion Week: Three different Acts– or one play enacted over three separate days. We believe that the unusual format of this Passion Week play prophesies the unusual, even astonishing ways Jesus plans to encounter YOU! This Sunday, we enter with Jesus into Jerusalem; witness and experience the powerful shift of all authority to Christ; experience His healing; and enter into the response of yielded, passionate worship to the One.

After each scene (there are 3 on Sunday, 5 on Holy Wednesday and 5 again on Easter), there is an Encounter with the Holy Spirit. What’s an Encounter? It’s a time where what we just witnessed– visually, emotionally, and spiritually– is now translated into our lives by the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus enters into our journeys and brings His Truth and Spirit into our very souls and spirits, initiating transformation. His heart enters ours. That’s an encounter, and you don’t want to miss any “Encounter Opportunities” this week!

We first introduced this prophetic encounter format last Christmas, at the Crazy Prophetic Christmas Play, and the response was astonishing! Christ found a home inside of our hearts through the stories we witnessed, and the Holy Spirit came to make each story our story. Now, it’s the Final Approach: Three Days of “Crazy Prophetic Resurrection Life”!!! Nobody is going to be the same! You can invite your friends and neighbors, and tell those in other cities and countries to watch live! Just make sure you’re here! Jesus is coming for you and me, and I believe He is going to liberate all of us into His Resurrection Life, His relentless love, and the light of His Truth. We will laugh, cry, sing, and most of all… we will be changed.

Here is the Final Approach schedule:

April 14th, Palm Sunday, 9 am and 11 am
April 17th, Holy Wednesday, 7 pm (Please note: The play begins promptly at 7 pm, so arrive early for the best seats!)
April 21st, Easter Resurrection Sunday, 10 am (Please note: Only one service, only one play that begins promptly at 10 am, so please arrive early!)

 If you would like to catch up or review with our Walk with Jesus series, you can watch or listen by clicking here.

Also, in preparation for Final Approach, if you’d like to experience this idea of “Prophetic Encounters with Jesus” via our Crazy Prophetic Christmas Play, click here:

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