Forerunners are like the pioneers of yesterday, the pilgrims of America, and the patriarchs of Israel. They launch out because they hear and see something from God beckoning them to leave the familiar and journey into the impossible. Along the way everyone gets stopped. Israel experienced this in the second Temple rebuilding, when forced to stop their work of rebuilding the Temple. Israel began to languish in the ordinary and found no fulfillment in their efforts. The prophet Haggai, calls them to renewed vision and favor. This is their story, and ours too.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, September 27, 2015, 9 am: I will be sharing a life message: “The Divine Nature of God” –What it is, how you get it, and, why in the world would you want it? There is a place of partaking that overtakes all other riches, and all trials.

Sunday 10:20 am: Nations Prayer – Thirty minutes of live intercession, faith coming through love. Reigning coming through Jesus’ finished work. Now, more than ever, prayer is where nations are being changed.

Sunday 11 am: I will continue the second part of “Recovering Your Destiny – Facing Your Giants Again and Winning”. The recovery of destiny, and moving forward, attracts the attention of ancient foes. But, your paradigm has changed. Your resource has shifted and now what you tried to do, you let God do! He is able! And, you find yourself watching mountains being moved, by the Holy Spirit, as grace saves! What has happened? How do you continue in this new paradigm when faced with the all too familiar foes?


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