Jacob’s dream and what he did about it! If anyone had reason to languish in his captivity, Jacob did. Indentured as a relative in a foreign country, (a working slave by any definition today) Jacob was surrounded by striving, his four wives, 10 sons (no wait he was about to have his 11lth son). Jacob was a captive. He was only supposed to stay with his uncle Laban a few days. Now almost 14 years have passed. But Jacob dreamed and the Lord appeared, and told him to lift up his eyes and see. From that moment Jacob was no longer a captive but a business man in partnership with God. Jacob wanted out; God wanted in in order to prosper Joseph inside His captivity swallowing it up in victory.

Upcoming Events

Friday September 18, 2015, 7:00 pm: Jubilee’s 2nd All-church Worship Night!

Come to worship the King in His fullness, ascribing to Him the glory and honor due His name.

There is freedom in the house to come before Him with singing, dancing, and celebration, and then to press in deeper and deeper into His very heart of love for us, in intimacy and surrender.

There will be different leaders and teams bringing musical worship, joined with prophetic declarations, prayers, and the Scriptures for you, the congregation; all weaving together the sound of our hearts toward Him and His heart for us. Come give your worship to this tapestry of sound, music, spirit and movement

Sunday September 20, 2015, 9:00 am: Gino will be sharing on “Bring Your Future Into The Presence”. Learning to transact earthly business from a Kingdom prospective.

Sunday 10:20 am: Nations Prayer: Prayer for the Nations! Jubilee is called a house of prayer for all nations. Every Sunday at 10:20 we activate this calling and rise up with prayers, intercessions, giving of thanks, and prophetic declarations over the nations of the world. Israel first, then America, then the twenty to thirty nations that we have chosen each month. Each year we pray every nation by name, for a month. This month we begin our 15th year of doing this!

Sunday 11 am: I will be sharing “Recovering Your Destiny After You had been Stopped from Fulfilling it!” There is a grace to recover all! To step into the destiny that has always been yours, regardless of where you find yourself today. This destiny in Christ cannot be lost or stolen, and when we are stopped the Lord is not. “Consider your ways”, the prophet Haggai said to the remnant Israel after a fourteen year stoppage. They did, then the Lord acted, and everything changed. Sarah received strength to conceive seed and she bore a child when she was past the age because she judged Him faithful who had promised. It is never too late, It is never lost, It is always Jesus!


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