I am writing this short blog while siting in the airport in Bangkok. First, let me thank everyone for praying for us while in Bangkok. Our time in Sadudee/Praise Church was awesome, as was our team that we brought from our church. So many manifestations of life, Resurrection Life, that we have seen and experienced during this three day conference. I want to share some of the greater truths that I discovered while ministering during these three days.

The cornerstone of Resurrection Life is forgiveness!

Forgiveness, or letting go, as I like to call it is not a moral issue. It’s a control issue. Therefore, until we can release all that is past, no longer insisting for completion or anything, just commuting it into the hands of our Father, we are bound to whatever death is holding us. I was surprised, and yet not surprised, that and entire day was spent on unlocking hearts from carrying death into the future.

Resurrection Life therefore is extremely personal.

Jesus comes to the place where death has reigned, to bring His resurrection life to bear. Therefore, it is extremely personal. He does not just spread resurrection around like spraying water all over everything. He comes to the deep and personal losses, and the “death” we have experienced in our journey with Him. To Jesus this is very personal.

Resurrection Life comes to us in hearing His voice and the power of the Holy Spirit.

The voice of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit, come together to raise us up from sleep, to literal death, and everything in between. It is a holy thing, a personal thing and begins always in hearing his voice.

He will ask us, in some way, to show Him where we have stopped “living”. Jesus asked Mary, concerning Lazarus, “Where have you laid him?” We bury our dead. And so, when Jesus comes to reveal His glory, He asks to take us there. It is not to condemn, or show contempt, or any shaming. It is for our realization of what has happened.

Resurrection Life calls for opening the tomb of our place of death.

Jesus said, “Roll away the stone.” Martha protested, saying, “By this time he stinks.” Yes. We have our reservations and fears, but that is what Jesus needs, just simple obedience to open the door. Behold, He knocks at our heart and waits for us to hear and open the door of our heart, to roll away the stone of our tomb.

There are many more discoveries that happened. Such power, literal awakening happened during our ministry times, as well as through the teaching. I will share more this Wednesday night and in further blogs. Take a moment to ponder these truths, asking the Holy Spirit to help locate you.

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