When I woke up today, I woke into the same day you did; except mine is filled with my stuff and yours with your stuff. So in a way, our days are different.

When we wake, we are told to lay hold of something so wonderful that it transcends all days, yours and mine. It’s joy!

“This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

Notice that my day, and your day, were both made by God. God made our day and gave us His will: Rejoice in the day He made and be glad.

Now, for a long time I figured, well the day that God made is the time from evening to evening – a day. The stuff in the day I made. And frankly, I wasn’t all that thrilled with it some of the time. In fact, the stuff wasn’t even all mine. Someone brought stuff into my day and left it there, in MY day. How can someone rejoice and be glad with all this junk around?

Today, (no pun intended) I have taken a different approach. I have decided that both the day (evening to evening) and the stuff (mine and others) is the day the Lord has made. He isn’t waiting for my day to turn good for me to rejoice. He just called me to rejoice (re-joy) every morning and throughout the whole day.

To rejoice is to spin around in a violent emotion—Get happy!

And to be glad, is to brighten up—shine!

Take a moment and give the whole day back to God, even the stuff in it. Then rejoice and be glad. See how your day goes.

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