Last Tuesday, I was surprised by God.

I went into our staff meeting last Tuesday expecting the normal and was surprised by many friends and colleagues as they sang, “Happy Birthday to you.” I was totally surprised! It wasn’t a party because Brian Rogers had said I wanted prayer. I said, “I need prayer.” For the next hour prayers, prophecies, visions, and testimonies were shared. Everyone read my mail.

As believers, we live by every word spoken by God. Those words are our mail from heaven, and when Holy Spirit directs our mail to be shared it releases the future that has been kept back. Prayers that have been answered in heaven may not yet be fulfilled on earth, and promises given may not yet be performed here on earth.

Word after word, prayer after prayer, prophecy, visions, and testimony confirmed all that the Lord has spoken to me. I knew this was happening to me for all of us. Every prayer we have prayed, word that has been spoken, prophecy, vision, and testimony of Jesus given is eternal. Joy was being ignited, peace was surrounding, and love was filling everyone present. Heaven had come to earth!

I left this “Surprise” to go and write this Secret Place that you are now reading, and the Lord said, “Surprise! My suddenlies are coming as surprises that will release you into your inheritance. My power is present to bring resurrection into the newness of life. I have not forgotten; it has been a set time from the first time I spoke. Now is the time.”

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