A lifetime of adventures awaits us in His word.

Our new book has come. “That I May Know Him” A Bible-In-a-Year Guide to Encounters.

After a year’s journey together in the scriptures, we have published our reading guide in print and Kindle. This guide is to help bring encounters with Jesus as we read, see, and hear, then understand and turn to Him daily unto healing.

We are starting a new podcast to accompany each week of reading to open discussion and preparation for the Word of God into which we will journey. Each Monday, a new podcast will be available on our YouTube Channel, as well as an audio version wherever you listen to podcasts. By the time you receive this newsletter, our first podcast will be live. Our four December Episodes will introduce the book, the reading process, and the journey we will be taking together over the course of 2024.

To watch our short intro, click here.

God gave us His only Son so we should not perish but have everlasting life. He gave us His word so we can know the Son into eternal life. I am coming to believe that the reading of the logos, the whole word of God, is the devil’s best-kept secret from our generation to leave us in deception and bondage to lies. Satan knows this, so he has masterfully removed the reading of the Bible from daily lives and replaced it with sound bites, which at best is like snacking.

The Bible is the only book on earth that is living. It is food, not knowledge. We cannot live without food and water, and neither can we live with bread alone. We need the Word of God, that comes out of His mouth, that feeds our spirit, transforms our soul, and is health to our body. Reading the Bible aloud, and listening to the Bible aloud, is eating the Word of God. We do not need to understand it, because it is alive and brings life at its entrance. That is why if we miss our daily reading, we just start afresh at the current day in the schedule. Why? Because it’s living bread, and we only need our daily bread and not yesterday’s.

That’s Freedom!

We have two tiers this year. You can choose if you want to do one or both. Tier 1 is the New Testament scriptures, approximately two Chapters a day. Tier 2 is the Old Testament, with approximately three chapters a day. If you only choose one, stick with the New Testament, as Jesus is the fulfillment of all scripture.

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