We left Passover with the prophetic proclamation that we would come out of this crisis in health and wealth. Now, as we approach Shavuot/Pentecost at the end of May, our souls have been isolated at home to be renewed into Jesus’ resurrection, the leading of the Holy Spirit, and truth in His word.

 Jesus’ Resurrection

For forty days Jesus presented Himself alive to His disciples and spoke to them concerning things about the kingdom. He was renewing their minds, having opened their understanding to comprehend the scriptures on Easter morning.

Holy Spirit

Jesus told them to wait for the Holy Spirit, who had been promised of the Father. A new source of power was coming that the flesh could not contain, and the mind was unable to explain. The Holy Spirit gave them the power to be witnesses to Jesus; starting in Jerusalem.


Told to wait, they entered into prayer. For ten days they prayed and listened. They read scripture and became illuminated inside the truth they were reading. Jesus had ascended to heaven and now was being revealed in their hearts through the truth in His word.

Faith and Patience

Jesus had told them to wait. They had listened and obeyed, and in prayerful waiting their faith grew. Holy Spirit is coming! “We must wait until we are endued with power from on high,” they remembered Jesus saying. Their souls were in submission to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Truth in Faith and Patience.


Bringing our souls to Jesus and the Holy Spirit, in submission to the truth in His word, is the very salvation our souls have longed for. The disciples were different men than they were at Passover; and so are we. Now is our recalibration to the new that is coming! New life. New Power. New Authority. New Freedom. Now is our journey to Pentecost.  To be ready for what God has promised. Pentecostal Power!

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Some of us have had way too much time on our hands. We got together (in our separate homes) and sang our own renditions of “Whole World in His hands.” Today we would like to share it. Click here to watch.


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