We are back from England! The entire team is filled with the Spirit and we are ready to give away all that we received. Sunday at the 9 am service, the Jubilee Liberty team will share and minister. At the 11 am service, I will share the new place we are entering into HOPE. Our team will pray everyone both services. This Wednesday we start “Hope Experience” a six week course from 6 to 7 pm designed to activate the Hope behind the veil in the life of very believer. plan now to make this special six-week training session.

Steve Dittmar

Peety Escovedo, Beastmode Youth Pastor, shares on the refreshing that comes from being in the Spirit. The ease of walking in the Spirit and being transformed into the image of Christ. ( 2 Corinthians 3:17-18) Together as we are changed into His image, we grow up into the head, Christ, and walk in unity of the Spirit. In this place the world will see that we have been with Jesus.

Upcoming Events

Sunday August 16, 2015, 9:00 am: The Jubilee Liberty team will share on “Chosen Experiences”. The victories from England and the glory we brought home. It’s a time to share and give away.

Sunday 10:20 am: Nations Prayer – Join us for 30 minutes of effectual intercession and thanksgiving for the nations and Israel.

Sunday 11 am: I will be sharing “The Sound from Heaven”. We are entering into the Presence behind the veil and it is the sound of Hope! Heaven is resonating with vision and possibilities – the Holy Spirit’s mandate to reveal Christ in the earth. Our team from England will pray for you after each service.


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