Our thoughts and emotions are the fruit of our focus. If we are mulling over something that we are going through, it is very likely that soon we will be under what we are going through. We will be under instead of overcoming, looking up at something that’s over us. Instead of expectancy, in the goodness God being revealed, we may find ourselves overwhelmed and discouraged.

It’s time to walk away…

When we feel despair, hopelessness, anger, or any negative emotion, it’s a sign that we are not thinking above but under. Rather than trying to reconcile the thoughts to truth and God’s goodness, I am learning to walk away and just leave the thoughts and emotions behind. Then I  come up and reinstate myself with Jesus. Acknowledging His goodness and victory, I meditate (muttering and speaking to myself) on Jesus’ goodness and grace in the matter.

This practice of purposely disengaging from being “under”, and reengaging “over” what I was under by joining myself to Jesus, His goodness and victory, brings immediate change. It’s like pushing delete and restart. It does not matter how we get into a negative stream of thoughts and emotions, we just need to get out. But if we look at them, we will almost always find that they are lodged in us through accusation. Whether circumstances accusing us, words of others, or worse self-accusation, the “under it” thinking holds its power “over us” by accusing us. This means we have to do something, fix something, change something—from there, it’s all downhill.

No! Walk away. Don’t fix the problem. Return to Jesus and engage in His goodness and victory. Not by might not by power but by the Spirit of God, mountains will move. With shouts of, “Grace, grace!” will the beauty of Christ and His goodness be experienced and seen in us.

I can hear the Lord saying “Come up here and think with Me.”

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