It’s hard to believe that less than four weeks ago, everything was pretty much as it had always been. Then came the order to lock down, stay inside, practice social distancing, and smash the line down. I remember I was praying over this order, and its implication, when I heard the Lord say, “This Easter will be one of the most authentic ever.” He went on to say, “The first Sunday of My resurrection, everyone was hiding in their homes, and I came to find them.” It was something we laughed together over, but it’s true. Easter/Resurrection Sunday is not about pageantry, but rather new life in Christ.

For the last four weeks, I kept hearing our Father say, “Jesus is coming to your house this Easter.” Jesus is everything, and when He stepped into the disciples’ home, He brought Himself, in order to gather them to Himself. Three days prior, Jesus had been unmoved by their fears, confusion, reluctance, or performance. Jesus was bringing PEACE, He was carrying the HOLY SPIRIT, and He was bringing FORGIVENESS! He had overcome!

ALL things had become right; ALL things were His; and He was head over His body. Of course, Jesus would speak “PEACE”. What else would He say? He had singlehandedly purged our sins on His way to sit at the right hand of the Majesty on high.

Jesus breathed on His disciples the breath of life (the Holy Spirit), causing them to be born again, and opening their understanding to be able to comprehend the scriptures… to believe.

Jesus forgave and sent the disciples into the world with the authority to forgive the sins of any. The power of the resurrection was now unleashed. Jesus was, Himself, the victor, and came to give that victory to His disciples. Their world had been turned upside down; much like ours has been today. They had no idea what was happening; just as we do not. But, it did not matter, because Jesus knew. And Jesus knows today. He is coming to our homes this Easter, to initiate His new order amongst the chaos. I can not wait to experience Jesus Christ and His resurrection together in our homes.


We will be live at 10:00 am Pacific Time for ONE Glorious service. You can find us on YouTube by searching for: jubileechurchCA. During this ONE Glorious service at the new time of 10:00 am, expect significant change in the earth and in His church. Prayer for the Nations will begin at the end of service.

Wednesday at 7:00 pm, “Christ, Our Passover!” Here is another authentic service. The first Passover was also experienced within the home. Together, we will receive Christ, our Passover. I am so excited about this week and all that the Lord will unlock in our hearts. If you haven’t yet watched the video Cammy and I made about receiving Communion and Cleansing our Homes, you can find it here:


To prepare your heart for Wednesday, please read these chapters: Exodus 11, 12, and John 13-17.

Sunday at 10:00 am, “Jesus is Coming to Our House!” Jesus uses all disruptions in life to displace what is not eternal and bring Himself into our place. Wherever you are, Jesus is coming! He is not upset. He is victorious. In order to prepare, share with Jesus where you are, using the Easter story, as well as the many reactions to His resurrection. Maybe you are not sure where you’re at and need further proof. Perhaps you’re discouraged and dejected during so much death. Or, perhaps you are hiding, and hoping not to be the next victim. Maybe you’re like one of the women who went early to the tomb and found it empty. Perhaps you found Jesus, and you touched Him. It also could be that none of these characters fit where you are. Take the time and tell Jesus where you’re at. Why? Because He is coming to meet you there! Watch and see.

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