Ownership! A simple but profound paradox. God does not heal what we don’t own. God does not forgive what we won’t confess. God does not hear accusing prayers. He only hears Jesus, and His blood speaks better than the blood of Abel.

Ownership is the authority in the natural, and in the kingdom of heaven. When I own my burdens and my grief, and stretch forth my hands to Jesus, then my prayers are heard, and His forgiveness is extended. If I point out the sin of others, believers of the unfaithful, I join the accuser of the brethren, Satan. In doing so, I become weak and sick, and exposed to death. There is only one person I have the authority to judge. And that is me.

When I judge myself, I am not judged. I come out of the judgment of my actions, attitudes, and words when I own my actions, attitudes, and words as being my own. I move from blame, shame, and accusing others, to humility, honesty, and faith in Christ. My prayers about my unbelief, rebellion, burdens, and grief are now heard in heaven, the Lord’s dwelling place. There He forgives and dismantles sin—forgiveness in real-time—regarding real burdens and sorrows, my stuff.

Then the Lord heals our land, my land. He becomes active where He had been silent. Jesus becomes seen where before He seemed hidden. One heart after another becomes impacted by the divine decree, as forgiveness and healing descend from heaven to earth.

The Lord has called Jubilee Church, along with other friends and ministries around the world, to gather during the Feast of Tabernacles (October 2nd-9th, 2020). Calling us to humble ourselves and pray, to seek the Lord’s face and turn from our wicked ways so that the Lord will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land. We can become owners, and together approach the throne of grace, having our high priest Jesus over us. We begin now, humbling ourselves to pray, turning off the accusing airwaves, and bringing our burdens and our grief. Today is the day of salvation. We are not bound because of others’ wicked ways, but by our own.

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