It is the truth that saves me.

I read the bible daily, five Psalms followed by our “Know Him,” Bible guide, which we read together. It includes a Chapter in the Gospels/Acts and the Epistles/Revelation. This is Tier One – two Chapters in the New Testament daily. I recommend this to every one of us, and it guarantees I read through the New Testament three times a year.

I also read one Chapter in the Law/History (Genesis – Esther), one Chapter in the Poetry (Job -Song of Solomon), and one Chapter in the Prophets (Isaiah – Malachi). This is Tier Two. Together, they bring the entire Old Testament once a year and the New Testament three times.

It’s all about Jesus. I need to hear God’s standards and His dealings with Israel in order to understand His Holiness, His Sovereignty, and His Majesty. But I must have Jesus if I am ever going to be a vessel where these attributes of God are in me. Healing, deliverance, salvation, righteousness, forgiveness—all of the great salvation in Christ is here.

Time keeps on ticking, but the bible is eternal. Answers today are for temporal moments in time, but Christ is eternal. He is our Great High Priest who inhabits eternity, and only the Bible holds these truths, whereby the Spirit of Truth can sanctify me into the glory of Jesus.

This is why I read the bible.

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